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Replacement reusable shopping bag bottoms?

Anyone know if you can buy replacements for the black plastic that is found at the bottom on reusable shopping bags? Mine always break because the people at the grocery store overload the bags. The bags are still good, so I just want to replace the bottom "stiffners". The bags only cost $1, so I'd like to spend less than that per piece.

Something like this:

(I won't buy these because with shipping they are $10...I could buy 10 new bags for that cost!)

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    Facing a similar problem I used the panels off some old binders.

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  • 9 years ago

    If I could find someone throwing away a dresser or broken shelves on craigslist, I would try to salvage the thin masonite board off the back, and cut a piece to fit. That would be super-durable. If fact, it would be possible to make the seat of a chair from that.

    Or you could get a box and cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to fit.

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    9 years ago

    These are not sold, but you can fashion a substitute out of a piece of cardboard bound for the recycling.

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