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Is it true the early news reports that said the ant-government protest where started by a CIA agent in DC GOV?

threw twitter and other online outlets ?

Egyptian born or with DUAL citizenship CIA agent location DC GOV?

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    All the uprisings in the middle east have been started by the CIA.

    Hell the leader of the one in Libya is from Virginia.

    Libyan Rebel Commander Is From Fairfax, Virginia

    Gen. Khalifa Haftr Wears Pinstripe Suit Instead of Camouflage

    14 miles from CIA global HQ(Langley, Virginia) imagine that.

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    If so, I'm really impressed by the CIA. That's the sort of thing they do all the time, but usually not so successfully.

    The nature of these uprisings leads me to believe that it is unlikely that the CIA had more than a cursory involvement. They got involved in Libya because Libya's real problem is organization and the CIA can work with the rebel leaders to form something closer to a real army. Can they do it fast enough? I don't know, but they have been there for a few weeks and trying. The details of what happened in Tunisia and Egypt are better known. Any CIA involvement was minimally important. The group that started the facebook page in Egypt that ended up being the rallying point for their organization and decision-making was not CIA and the Google Executive from that groups who was arrested is planning on writing a book detailing how it all happened which he plans to entitle "Revolution 2.0".

    But we won't really know the details of CIA involvement for decades, anywhere from 20 to 70 years, depending on the level of classification. Potentially longer if some future President decides to reclassify it. It could be significantly more than what it appears or it could be practically none. That's what the CIA is really good at, not starting successful ground-up revolutions. (CIA revolutions historically are top-down, as they train some individual warlord with influence in the region.)

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    Wouldn't doubt it.

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    Nah, they were just ******* with yah.

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