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Why isn't my Frigidaire Refrigerator not cooling at all?

model frt21nng. Refirgerator and freezer not cooling. Compresor is runing fan is running. Took back panel off in freezer section. No blocked vents. No frost or ice on coils. On the control panel in frig section turned dial with screw driver for defrost and it turned off and turned back on in 30 min. The bar that supose to deforst is it supose to get warm? Becasuse it did not get warm. frig have leak in system? or one of the thermastats bad? Defrost coil bad?


If it is a bad compressor is it worth fixing?

Update 2:

the compresor is runing and it is hot. the real small copper line is geting frost on it back by the compresor. the line that has like a Co2 cartrege looking tube.

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    The Heater will not get hot in defrost if the temp is not below the set temp on the defrost ternator thermostat. It cam out of defrost so the defrost it all right. Did you actually touch the compressor to tell if it is running? if not you should. If it is running and has the proper amount of freon in it then it will be hot to touch. If it is not actually running You need a PTC, I can get the part number for you. Good luck.

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  • 9 years ago

    if compressor is running it could have lost refrigerant or could have bad valves in compressor and not able to pump the rafrigerant

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    refrigerant leak

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