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I need some accounting help, stuck on this question?

Laser Tex Inc. manufactures low-end computer components within arelevant range of 100,000 to 140,000 disks per year. Withinthis range, the following partially completed manufacturing costschedule has been prepared:

CDsproduced 100,000 120,000 140,000

Total Costs:

Total variablecosts 40,000 (d) (j)

Total fixedcosts 84,000 (e) (k)

Totalcosts 124,000 (f) (l)

Cost per unit:

Variable cost perunit (a) (g) (m)

Fixed cost perunit (b) (h) (n)

Total cost perunit (c) (i) (o)

Complete the cost schedule, identifying each cost by theappropriate letter (a) through (o).

Note: a. $0.40

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    (b) $0.84

    (c) $1.24

    (d) $48,000

    (e) $100,800

    (f) $148.800

    (g) $0.40

    (h) $0.84

    (i) $1.24

    (j) $56,000


    (l) $181,000




    there you go :)


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