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Who are more popular singers or actors? and why?

who could be more popular than lady gaga or justin bieber right now? they are the only celebrities who have over a billion views on youtube (no actor has ever reached a billion views), they have the most fans on facebook and twitter (gaga has 41 million, bieber has 27 million) no actor has ever reached 10 million fans on social network. they also surpassed all actors and actresses as the most searched celebs of 2010

btw you see when michael jackson died the ongoing reports about it lasted for months, when elizabeth taylor died no one really cared and I barely heard it on the news

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    I feel like music has a bigger impact on the lives of people. You take music with you everywhere you go. In the car you sing along to in and it helps you calm down during a traffic jam, at the gym it helps to motivate you, at the bar you dance to it and you associate good feelings with the songs. Also Musicians are real and communicate themselves through their lyrics. Actors are well, acting lol. You don't see the real person and usually if an actor gets famous it has to do with looks. You can't take a movie with you everywhere, like you don't dance to a movie or go to the gym and often watch a movie. Like you can't weight train to a movie. the only real appropriate situation for a movie is sitting on a couch or in the theatre and watching it. You and your friends may quote some lines from the movies now and then and discuss it but at the end of the day everyone is more influenced by music. Also musicians are quirky, for example lady gagas eccentric outfits or Micheal Jacksons dance moves and strange behaviour. The only actor i really hear much about is Charlie Sheen lol. and most people are kind of over his erratic behaviour already. I don't know, that just makes sense to me. Just good feelings and memories are built around music more so than movies that last two hours and that is kind of it..

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    singers, no actor has been bigger, more famous or considered as a bigger icon than elvis, michael jackson, madonna or elton john. and no actors today could compete with the popularity of lady gaga, justin bieber or rihanna

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    when are u supposed to stop asking this???????!!!!!!!!

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