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Beeds asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Ladies: What are your husband/ significant others favorite baby names? What names do you love that they dislik?

What names do they like? Boys and girls..Are there any you despise?

For boys my husband likes




For girls my husband likes





I don't mind Mehki but people wouldn't be able to pronounce it. I don't really like Morgan

What names do you like that they dislike. Mine are













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    1 decade ago
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    My husband and I are expecting a girl in June! We have the names narrowed down to: Naomi, Erin, or Casey. My husband really likes the name Jessica and Sadie, but I do not. I like (for a boy) benjamin, Mercer, Jason, and Alex. My husband likes Billy, Shawn and Dane (I HATE that name!) I really dislike (for a girl) Violet, Brittany, Lavender, or Allison. For a boy I don't like: Quinn, Jhonn, Maxwell, or Romeo. My husband likes the name Romeo, because he is Italian, but our last name is Capulet, and that would be the WORST name to give a child! I don't hate the name, I hate the name with our last name. My husband only dislikes names that end with JR., like Elliot Jr. (Elliot is his name) He likes all girl names except Gertrude.

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    5 years ago

    My fiance is the single which idea-about our son's call, Roscoe. even as he instructed me the call, I fell in love with it! What he did not tell me about the call is that the following in lengthy island there's a city named Roscoe it truly is the trout capital of lengthy island and that Roscoe is a slang call for a pistol. i found this out after I gave start and named him that. yet even with if he instructed me in the previous hand, I nonetheless may have named him that in basic terms because i love it. My fiance also loved the call Lance and Wyatt for a boy and Brooke for a lady (Roscoes call may were Brooke Elizabeth if he become a lady)

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