Iran and nuclear weapons?

I am on the pro bomb iran's nuclear installations side of a debate. I am looking for some evidence to back up a couple topics including:

1)The fact that Iran may give weapons to terrorists.

2)The possibility of an arms race if left alone.

3)The possibility of blackmailing European countries to transform Europe into a continent where Muslim law and practice would more and more prevail.

any additional information beyond this scope would also help.

Please try to keep it on the pro bomb side of the debate though.

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  • 10 years ago
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    "The fact Iran MAY..." It is either a fact or they MAY do it. It can't be both. The other two points are too absurd to address.

    The FACTS are that Iran has an active civilian nuclear energy program which they wish to make self-sufficient. This will also give them the skill to make nuclear weapons but there is as yet not a shred of evidence of a weapons program or that they even really want one. The professional military is clearly opposed to the idea and the civilian leadership seem to be using the idea more for political purposes than anything else. Lots of rhetoric but not much else with most of that rhetoric aimed at Iran's population, not the outside world.

    Please keep in mind all the fuss about Iran's nuclear program is to prevent Iran from someday having the ability to make a nuclear weapon. Not a single person in the know has actually accused them of having a nuclear weapons development program. So what is bombing supposed to solve exactly besides making the west look even more sinister in the eyes of 1/5 of the worlds population while not actually doing anything to prevent Iran from acquiring weapons it doesn't seem to really want?

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