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Good French music suggestions?

So I've decided I want to learn French again. It's a beautiful language that I've always wanted to know, but was too lazy to take the time as a child (and my boyfriend thinks French is sexy). I was even in French immersion for a year in elementary school! I forget basically all of it. Even my uncle is French!

So I want to find some good French music. The only good artist that I can think of is "Coeur de pirate". Specially this song

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Any suggestions? I'm open to anything! :)


Wikipedia says she's from Quebec..

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    Coeur de Pirate actually isn't french but from Belgium, but anyhow.

    I used to listen to a lot of Tryo, and also Pleymo, I used to like Zazie, Noir Desir, Telephone, Damien Saez, Superbus, Mademoiselle K.

    It all depends on what type of music you like, those are just a bunch of random artists I used to listen to haha.

    Source(s): I'm french
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    Un Homme et une Femme

    very relaxing

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    1 decade ago

    I like the bands:

    Noir Désir (My favorite is L'appartement and "Le vent nous portera"

    Louise attaque

    Villa Vortex

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    the only french song i know is je suis jalouse by emily loizeau. but it's a good one :)

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