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What horror movie is this? Please help driving me crazy!?

Alright i saw this horror movie a couple years ago on tv while on vacation. The movie took place i want to say somewhere in the south (usa) in a rural area out in the country. The people around maybe 18-24 or so, there were i think 6 people total ( 2 or 3 white male and females and one africian american couple them all each together with one a nother. They went on like a vacation thing all together down there in the country. When they got there idk if they took a detour or how they ended up there but they was like in some village with all these people who didnt look like they was from the present time. Well it turns out that the village and the people there come back every so many years? idk how many but they come back to attract people to them and they harvest their organs or body or something its hard to remember. but them after theyve killed and harvested everyone of the couple one guy and girl escape on the dudes motercycle but them on the straightawat on the country road he drives tru a barb wire chain accross the road and him and the chick lose their heads and one country boy from the village picks their head up and says something like " we always get who we're after and picks up the heads and slowly walks away disappearing. sorry for the wall of text i just tryign to type everything i remeber from it please someone try and remember (:


na i dont think its Paradise Lost i just googled it and that doesnt look familiar. It kinda takes place like somewhere i wanna say in the south around like lousianna-ish.. hmm idk it was a long time ago i just really wanna know what it is lol

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    You are talking about "2001 Maniacs" (2005) directed by Tim Sullivan. It's a remake of the classic "Two Thousand Maniacs!" (1964) by H.G. Lewis.

    Plot from IMDB: While traveling on vacation to Florida, the college friends Anderson Lee, Cory Jones and Nelson Elliot meet the gorgeous Joey and Kat in a gas station traveling with their gay friend Ricky to the same location. Anderson gives his phone number to Joey in Florida. The teenagers decide to take a shortcut and they find a detour through an old road leading to the Southern town of Pleasant Valley. They are welcomed by the local Mayor Buckman as guests of honor together with Joey, Kat, Ricky and the Afro-American biker Malcolm and his Chinese girlfriend Leah and invited to stay for their Guts and Glory Jubilee with free lodging, meals and booze at Granny Boone's hotel, and dancing, games and a mouth-watering barbecue in the climax of the jubilee. The group accepts the invitation but sooner they find who will supply the meat for the feast.

    And a trailer:

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    Uhm, sounds a bit like Paradise Lost?

    Especially the organ harvesting bit.

    Source(s): Too many late nights...
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