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Is AFSC 2M031 a good job?

the description sounds cool but is it a good job in the AF, what exactly doi get to do, will I be bored in the job, does it require a security clearance if so how high is it


also most important thing will i be put ion the front lines, this was my first choice but the other was pj and cct i'd love to be a pj but didnt get it

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    Quotes about job from site below...

    "I do not reccomend this AFSC for anyone who enjoys seeing their family or having any kind of personnal time. Most days are at least 12 hours if not more and weekends are never a guarantee"

    "Join if you DO NOT want to get deployed. Travelling long distances to missile sites in order to troubleshot/repair missile components in missile silo/capsule."

    "Top secret clearance required for EMT and MMT. Perfect AFCS for persons wishing not to be deployed and want to live within the 3 states offered."

    Maintains, operates, and supervises maintenance on ground and air missiles, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), spacelift boosters, payload guidance and control systems, and subsystems. Monitors, analyzes, and compiles system performance data. Supervises maintenance on automated and manual electronic test, launch control, checkout, and support equipment (SE). Designs and supervises assembly, calibration, operation, troubleshooting, and testing of research and development (R&D) systems and SE. Launches, tracks, and recovers UAVs, and operates and maintains SE.

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