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What does it mean in the song "Price Tag" by Jessie J, when she says "Forget about the Price Tag"?

Can someone please help me? i'm terribly confused :(

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    Jessie J says:

    'It's funny 'cause people seem to think Price Tag is about me going "I'm gonna give it away for free!", that's not the case, you can't live for free. I won't be able to put out music if people don't buy it. I've worked really hard and I've always said to my fans it has to be an equal relationship; you work hard, I'll work hard. You have to earn money to give money away. Maybe one day I'll give music away for free if I can, but right now I have to prove to my label that they're worthy of keeping me on their book'

    'For me Price Tag is more about - remember that when you don't have money, you don't need to go to a 5star hotel and dinner, be in a Jean Paul Gautier dress and all this to kind of feel amazing! Just have a little picnic in your front room and just remember that your morals, your beliefs and the people that are around you are more important sometimes than how much money you've got in your pocket'

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    Price Tags Song

  • Well, before that she says "we just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag," so she is saying, she wants everyone in the world to be equal and happy, and forget about the price tag means to stop thinking about money, and that will "make the world dance." She wantd everyone to stop worrying about money and just enjoy life and ne happy!

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    never heard the song but im guessing it means doesnt matter how much it costs just buy it.

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    i think of the undesirable area is while she sings "they're donning their heels so extreme they might't also rejoice" together as she's asserting this she's donning super heels and can somewhat pass. (song Video)

  • well she needs a rhyme, she thinks money is stupid and i think this song is stupid! shes probs rich so what does she know!

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    she's a cheapskate and doesnt want to buy stuff.

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