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Which pokemon go best with Serperior?

I am trying to figure out my team for my Serperior. Here's my planned team and types i want.

Types:Grass, Fire, Water, Flying, Electric, One other that fits well with the rest.

Team:Serperior, Chandelure/Darmanitan, Jellicent/Swanna/Seismitoad, Galvantula, Krookodile, Sigilyph

How do you think it will do? Which of the pokemon should I have?

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    I have serperior and a killer team here it is well rounded and little weakness that are not compensated for:







    go to this url you can create a team and it shows how good ur team is

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    Replace Krookodile for either Hydreigion or Haxorus, choose Darmanitan over Chandelure, and Jellicent over the other two, and optional replace Sigilyph for Victini. Hope that helps!

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    Volcarona is a great pokemon, but you get it at lvl 70 only after you beat the main story.

    You do get a Larvesta, which is the preevolution, but it evolves into Volcarona at lvl 59 which will proabably be around the time you finish the game and can get the level 70 one.

    Emolga is a great Electric type...At some point during the Desert ruins or Relic Castle you get a choice of Fossil, one the cover fossil is a tortise pokemon that is water/rock...

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    Victini is well rounded; consider adding it.

    Also consider a dragon type such as Hydreigon, Haxorus, or Druddigon (I have Druddigon, he's pretty good)

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    I would put a Unfezant, Reshiram/zekrom haxorus, lucario, and maybe volcorana.....

    Source(s): my Pokemon game
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