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Calling all Benders, Dusters, Plugs, Danglers and possibly Meat Wagons? Hockey?

For anyone who has ever played hockey or knows a thing or two about the sport, knows there's a whole lingo, a slang if you will behind the game...From insults, to other names for pieces of equipment, I personally like to hear slang terms. Give me your best chirps, slang, a knowledge...None of that Pierre McGuire crap. I want to hear what you know..

Also don't be a bender and Google "Hockey Slang" because every site up there has like "Biscuit is puck" that's completely lame.

I will give the best answer to the most original answer, or a slang I've never heard before (include explanation) , or be clever and take a current slang term like: "Bar-Down" : Meaning taking a shot that hits crossbar and goes directly down into the goal...and turning it into "Tink-Bar-South"

Listen you little Lee Winklers, I expect good things so don't give me any terrible answers.

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    10 years ago
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    The guitar player/sing for our band used to play hockey for our highschool and our coach gave the beast explination to them of what the crease is i have ever heard "Think of the areana in front of the crease as your girlfriends c*** if you find another man in it you take his f****** head off"

    So me and my friends will always coment after a good hit on someone in or around the crease of "Well shouldnt have been stading in his girlfriends c***"

    Source(s): alll i could really think of that isnt well known
  • 10 years ago

    There are a few Slang Terms that I or my Family/Friends have came up with...I don't know if that counts though, and some that I have heard of. But up until an hour ago I was having a great day and now I feel like somebody threw a dagger into my heart because of an @sshole, and I need to keep my mind busy so here it goes:

    Dany Heatly is an "All Star"- Pretty much youtube that exact phrase, It's funny videos by an ottawa fan ticked off because Heatly demanded a trade, he does voice overs and to me...the stuff is hillarious.

    "That's not wood down there"- My new funny saying while watching a hockey game...reason is because Ken Daniels said it in a way that sounded "Sexual" when one of the sticks broke

    "Is your name Staal? No, so quit Stalling". I came up with this one day, when a player was stalling the game/puck and it was making me frustrated.

    "Fer Shure"- Correct spelling would be For Sure, but I swear this is the national saying of Swedish Hockey Players, Holmstrom says it all the time.

    "They better go see Dr. Rahmani!"- I'll say this when watching my Wings play. Dr. Rahmani is an eye doctor that sponsers the Red Wings, and Lidstrom and Datsyuk have been in 2 commericals. So when a player completely misses the net, I say "They need to go visit Dr. Rahmani".

    "Don't be a turtle"- Obviously, don't be like Claude Lemiuex and turtle up.

    ...........yeah like i said, they're probably the terrible answers you don't want to hear. But, thanks for keeping my mind busy lol

    oops forgot one. "Save a Zamboni, Ride a Hockey Player". Yeah, it's a little "Risky", and doesn't have to do with the sport of hockey....but I like it lol

    Source(s): Red Wings Fan :o)
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    10 years ago

    Shine me the rubber so I can snipe a geno off the C-bar on this gummer, then ill throw a chawski of redman in after my celly. If he stones it im gonna have to tilly him...

    All the good slang is what flows off your tongue naturally in the game though.

    Source(s): Hockey 18 years.
  • 10 years ago

    Got Venus De Milo playin goal... geeesh, no wonder e's got alotta stickers on his luggage... hay dare you, dat winger got lambasted so hard he spit out a couple a chicklets...

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