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Confused whats wrong with me?

Ok so I was supposed to go to docs today but forget plus dnt see the point as the doctors round here really dnt examine u or really give a **** so maybe u guys can help me out? Well im always tired abd have no energy constant sore head really bad my hair is falling out in clumps which isnt normal for me I have abdominal pains most days and nights my veins have become really visible on hands,boobs my hair is growing super fast everywhere and no its not stress I know my body and this just isnt righr and for me its not stress symptoms so can yous please tell me whar you think it could be? Thank you! :)


Light headed also and dizzy spells feeling conatantly sick peeing alot

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    wait, wait, wait...

    you are THAT SICK and you forgot to go to a doctor you had an appointment with? and you think that it's no use because doctors don't really examine or care but you think that random strangers on a question board will somehow give you better medical advice?

    what makes you think random strangers (many of whom aren't even out of high school, let alone have any medical training) will give you a better examination by googling your symptom list than even the most disinterested doctor actually looking at you and talking with you?

    reschedule your appointment. show up this time.

    or, if you'd rather just complain about your symptoms and imagine what illnesses you might have, ask for the diagnosis here instead.

    i'll save you some trouble; here's what the gallery will likely say:

    -it's just stress.

    -you definitely hav cancer. i wrote a report on it and all the symptoms point to it.

    -mebbe your just dpressed. i was depressed to cuz my boyfriend left me but then he wanted to come back bu i know hes lying and should i let him?

    -chronic fatigue. for sure.

    -radiation poisoning. you will be dead in two weeks.

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