Where can I find this type of wood? (PIC included)?

Where can I find this type of wood? (PIC included)?

I would like to make myself a pendulum board like this lady has.


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She made it herself and sells them so obviously she won't answer my questions on where to get the wood because she wants to sell hers. ;)

It is NOT a Ouija board so please no comments on that. I would like to find a piece of board about that size and shape with bark around the edge and flat on the front and back. Any ideas? I would like to purchase on line if possible.


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  • 9 years ago
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    All that is, is a piece of wood cut out of a log. Find a round log, however big you want. Try to find a hard wood like maple or oak. She cut it at an inch thick. You would need to go to a saw mill or if you know someone with a chain saw and some land. You cut your piece make sure you let it dry if it is fresh cut wood. If it is a dead tree you don't have to worry about it shrinking. Anyway let it dry then sand it smooth. You can use a soldering iron to burn the wood to make words or drawings on the wood. She left the bark on the tree too. Once you are done sanding and burning your piece you want to put a clear polyurethane on the whole thing. Do a few coats sanding with a fine steal wool or 240 grit sand paper in between coats. Lightly sand just to get the burrs off.

  • 9 years ago

    Your link doesn't seem to work, but most people that make this sort of stuff are more than happy to tell you what kind of materials they use. Their target audience is people who don't have the desire or capability to make something themself, so her telling you what kind of wood it is doesn't really hurt her bottom line.

    However, if she won't tell you, you could look at different species of wood and find the one that matches it best. www.woodcraft.com is a site that has pictures and descriptions of many different types of wood, but be warned that if it's an exotic type of wood, it can be very expensive.

  • 9 years ago

    Try a garden centre or a place that makes house number signs - I've seen them hanging in porches.

    Or, you might be able to get a breadboard this style.

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