Is it blind Indian patriotism or what?

So stupid of our Indian news channels. Why the hell they making fun of Pakistani players and Prime minister? How immature and childish act is this?

It’s just a game. (Watch India TV.) I wonder what responsibility they take to pose themselves as media?

India TV editor-in-chief Mr. Rajat Sharma Ji please stop this childish act.

You are lucky so many people watch your channel, and that makes you more responsible.

Don’t give excuses that it was just a joke. You know very well how many people going to follow this act in real life. It spreads hatred.

I don’t want Indians to act so immature.

To play with good spirit is more important then wining. That’s what Pakistani players did. Now why you news channels show immaturity?

Is it blind blind patriotism? is it healthy?


Indo-pak relationship can be paralleled with Argentina-brazil relationship. Like India Pakistan they do have some unresolved territorial disputes. And as far as competition is concerned it should be healthy. I like the way Indian and Pakistani cricketers played. But the problem is with Indian news channels (of course not all news channels). Especially India TV, Aaj Tak, Live India, these news channels act childish.

I like to watch door-darshan news channels, and NDTV India. But other news channels losing their standard. They care more about attracting viewers with spicy news presentation.

Media has the ability to influence people both positively and negatively. That makes them more liable.

You are absolutely right Pushpa, its ‘acting patriotism’ of news channels. They care only about TRP, more viewers and more money.

Thanks for your reply ‘the man’.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I think, it is Acting Patriotism, What a foolish media?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You know, India and Pakistan are arch rival nations. We compete with them for anything possible, that is the spirit of Indians. That competitiveness has infiltrated cricket also. This is pretty much similar to the Brazil- Argentina rivalry in football. There, the media literally tears apart the opposition players for no apparent reason. Its just spirit at its best!!!!!

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