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How can I tell what marijuana strain I purchase?

Is there a site where I could put in characteristics of the nuggets and it will direct me to a strain?


Also, I don't appreciate comments like "take it to the police." I live my life, you live yours asshole.

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    Hahaha that guy is an asshole.

    Anyways, as far as i could tell you from years and years of smoking, there is no real way to see what kind youve got. i used to flip ounces daily for some extra cash and i eventually got to the point where the name didnt matter as long as is smelled like candy, looked like it was caked in THC crystals and had no seeds and virtualy no stems. the only way anyone could help you classify anythhing is to tell you whether its korn/reggie/regular, or if its dro, or if its exotic. and its all in how it looks and smells. Oh and most importantly it depends hwo much gets you high

    all exotic will have a sweet almost candy like smell and have multiple looong colored tricomes (sometimes orange red or white), an almost silver or white glow on the green thats all the THC crystals and virtually no stem or seeds at all. 1 bowl of this stuff will get you STONED, but why stop there? :) 20 bucks is a grams worth with this

    Dro will be a level down from this but still smell kinda good but it will tend to be more green because the THC hasnt crystalized as much on the outside. Some dro smells like a skunk. It will take a bit more than one bowl, maybe 3 or 4. 20 bucks for a gram of dro isnt uncommon but typically people are more generous with this

    Reggie/regular/korn looks like pot leaf grass, smells like a plant you have out in your yard. It tends to have seeds or large stems, and it takes a lot more to get you high. This kind of weed will take quite a bit to get you high. a 20 sack can give you a **** load of this kind of weed. Some korn however can be just as strong as dro. Its all dependent where, and when it was grown and how long they cured it and all kinds of factors

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    They all look very similar. I can usually only tell after trying it. Send me some and I'll try it and let you know!! ;) There have just been so many different strains and cross strains that it's impossible to tell. You can have a strain like White Rhino for example that is a cross of White Widow and a Canadian Indica. Sometimes it can contain more of the Canadian Indica than White Widow and it can look a little different. It's just hard to be able to tell. Unless you have a very distinguishable strain that's a different color or something recognizable like that then it would be pretty hard to tell. You could blindfold me and load me bowls and I could pick you out my favorite strains like Blue Dream. It has such a distinct flavor and it's just incredible. Makes me want more of it right now but my Snow Cap isn't bad!!!!

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    How To Identify Weed Strains

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    I doubt you could find a site that would give you that information with any kind of accuracy. I think it's just a matter of experience. Using the product, knowing what it is, how it feels and tastes. Some people have a better taste for it than others. Kind of like wine or beer.

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    from my experience if u've never tried the strain u cant tell the specific strain but u CAN tell how good it is just by looking at it. make sure is very Crystallized and that it has no stems or seeds enjoy

  • 10 years ago its a strain database or and dont listen to ch3no hes a tool.

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    Take it to the Police and have them test it. Don't try and sweet talk me!!

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