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will steam save my games?

im getting a new computer very soon. when i put steam on there will i still have all my games and saves

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    Steam has an option to make a copy of your save games and store them on steam but it doesn't work for all games and you have to have the option turned on.

    The games themselves will need to be downloaded from steam again (but it will be free).

    To keep the games:

    Make a copy of your steam\steamapps\ directory and copy it over to your new pc after you install steam on the new pc.

    To keep the savegames:

    Make a copy of your my documents folder.

    Sometimes the games are stored in "my documents\gamecompany\gamename\"

    sometimes they are stored in "my documents\my games\gamecompany\gamename\"

    You have to figure out which it is and make sure you have a copy of them before swapping over to the new computer.

    It's also a good idea to make a copy of your internet browser bookmarks before you get the new pc.

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    sorry, this is impossible..........for infants. I dont comprehend, I on no account tried. you open the record of the interest (dont pass into the interest) and locate information or some thing, replica it on your USB. properly completed :D there ought to be a record for saving information in interest records. And it relies upon on what you play, to illustrate, I play League of Legends on pc, that interest is only waiting to play whilst on line. That varieties of video games, you may't replica savee interest progression. whether this is like modern conflict 2 tale mode, this is attainable to repeat information.

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    Everything is linked to your account. You can log into Steam from any computer and re-download your games.

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    No you wont and steam is garbage, i wouldnt bother with it

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