I need a rough estimate of what my home might be worth or a website that I can input my info & get an estimate?

I live in Knoxville, TN zip code 37918 in a nice suburban part of town that is pretty popular and wanted with homebuyers. I bought the house from the bank as it was a foreclosure so I bought it under its value so I'm not sure what it is worth. I am planning on selling it soon (I will get a formal apprasial in the near future) because when I bought it, I bought it so I could grow into it (for when I get married and have kids) and not have to upgrade in the future, but the longer I live here, the more I realize that it is WAY too big for me and too much for me to care for. I'm planning on selling it, purchasing a small plot of land, and putting a double wide manufactured home on it (on a side note, someone tried to convince me to do this 2 years ago because I refused to because I thought that they were trashy and I would look trashy for getting one because I had a stigma attached to them but when I went to go look at them the other day I was AMAZED and fell in love with a model that I have my heart set on). I am trying to figure out what my house is worth now before getting the whole process started because I know how much the home I want is going to be, and I want to know how much I have left to purchase land and I'm also wanting to pay my grandparents back the money I borrowed from them to buy my current home. I want to make a downpayment on the land and the home to hold it before putting my house on the market, and I don't want a formal appraisal done until right before putting it on the market. I am not looking for anything concrete or perfect, just a round about estimate so I can know what price range I am shopping for. So here are the details of my current home:

- Bought the home in foreclosure from the bank for $101,900

- Roughly 1,800 square ft

- 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths (when I bought the home, it was listed as 3 bedrooms, but I am not sure why. From what I understand in real estate terms, a room is considered a bedroomn if it has a door, window, and closet; the 4th bedroom that the listing didn't consider a bedroom has all these things. Granted, the closet is very small, but it does have one, and I use it as a bedroom. Any info of why it may not be considered a bedroom would be appreciated, because I plan on listing it as 4 bedrooms)

- 2 car garage (tight fit, but it will fit 2 cars)

- Upstairs has 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen

- Fully finished basement (apartment like area) that has a half bath, 1 bedroom, and extra living/family room, that is attached to the garage (door connects) with a large closet/storage area attached to the bathroom

- All appliances included: built in stove/range/oven and microwave, refridgerator, washer/dryer

- Gas fireplace in upstairs living room

- Bay windows in living room

- Covered front porch and uncovered back deck (both newly painted/stained)

- Large lot size, decent front yard, large fenced in back yard

- Planning on recarpeting entire house before putting on the market

- Attached bathroom and large walk in closet to master bedroom

- Subdivision lot in upper middle class neighborhood (houses on the market in this neighborhood usually go VERY quickly; for example my house was on the market for TWO DAYS when we made an offer and there were five others trying to offer on it. I have never seen a house in my neighborhood on the market more than a month)

- Home in very good condition, some minor repairs needed but I will be making all those before putting on the market (planning on having the realtor that sold me the house come and make suggestions on everything I need to do before selling it so it will be in the best shape possible to bring the most for the house)

- The realtor told me at the time I bought the home that once it was fixed up it would be worth roughly $160,000 (I don't entirely trust that; of course she would want me to think I was getting an amazing deal because she wanted to sell the house)

- The research I have done shows that based on the county tax records appraisal value for the other houses in my subdivision range from $120,000 to $200,000 (I am not sure why there is such a large gap in value because all the houses in my subdivision are very similar and most have identical floorplans; there are probably only 3-5 different floorplans for all the houses in the subdivision and all the lot sizes are same. Also, I am assuming that the tax appraisal records are a low estimate as people usually want a lower appraisal for taxes so they have to pay lower taxes)

- House is not in the Knoxville city limits, and is in Knox county. This means that the property taxes only have to be paid to the county and there are no city taxes which makes the property taxes significantly lower

- Central heat and air, gas heat, city water and sewer (no well water or septic). Energy efficient. Even with the large home, utilities usually only about $150 a month for everything in all sea


Things I forgot to add:

- Street the house is on (don't know if it helps, but I know where the house is matters almost as much as the build of the house itself) is Twin Brooks Blvd. I won't be adding the street number because I don't want you showing up at my house :) no offense

- If you don't know, a website where I can input this info and get a FREE, INSTANT estimate that I don't have to talk to anyone would be just as helpful

- Please no snide comments about anything. I know I won't get anything within probably $5,000 of the actual worth, I just want an estimate. No need for rudeness.

- Please feel free to ask me for any additional info that I may have not added because I didn't know it mattered to the worth of the house.


Update 2:

Well Miss Know-It-All perhaps if you had read what I stated (which is a lot, but if you are going to take the time to comment, I think you can take the time to read) then you would know I DIDN'T want a manufactured home when I bought my home, I wanted to go with something that would be better in the long run, and I ended up with a big hassle and a big load of things I don't need. Let's see: I am a 22 year old single woman with no children, I have a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home that requires work and a whole lot of cleaning that I don't have time or desire to deal with. I spent a lot of money getting and maintaining this house that again I don't need. I use 2 rooms: my bedroom and the kitchen. Heck, I don't even use the living room and I am barely home! So, which makes more sense? Keeping this HUGE place that is like a ghost town that I don't have time to upkeep, or downgrading to a manufactured home with a smaller space that is what I need, selling this place that is completel

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    There are only two ways that i could suggest:

    1. Go to any any real estate agent in your area and discuss about selling your house and in the initial stages he will give you an estimate or your house. This is the decent and accurate way because the real estate agent knows your area better.

    2. http://www.zillow.com/ This will help your with your concerns

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    You are a complete fool to go from a sticks and bricks home to a manufactured or mobile home.

    You do realize the home you are in now will most likely gain in value over the years, while this dream trailer park home is only going to lose its value every year.


    Call up a realtor and tell them you are thinking about selling and have them give you a ball park figure based on the comps of homes that have sold recently.

    You would do better if you are downsizing to find a smaller non manufactured home.

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    I'm from the UK so I cant say much for the USA values, I'll assume its a coupe seeing as you didnt say it was a fastback or a convertible. These cars fetch good money in the UK aswell as the US I see you paid next to nothing for it, even if its a rough runner or a "daily driver" as you people like to call it it should be worth as a rust free california car at least $8,000 even though it hasnt got the desirable 289 V8 in it. Hope you get a good price for it. I paid $16,000 for a 68 convertible 6 months ago that needed work

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    If all you want is a general estimate then you can try zillow.com. You can also do real estate searches and look for comparible homes for sale in the area.

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  • 9 years ago

    Zillow.com is used just for that!

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