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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

Help on biology questions?

I'm almost done with this biology worksheet that I have been working on for hours. But i just need help with 5 questions.

1) the one predecessor of Darwin and Wallace to develop a comprehensive theory of evolution including its mechanism was______

2) each island in the Galapagos Archipelago has its own form of giant tortoise. These reptiles vary from island to island because they have evolved ________ since leaving reaching the island

3) Darwin used as evidence of evolution the breeding of domestic animals, a process know as artificial selection. In artificial selection ______ are the selective agent, whereas in natural selection the selective agent is ___________

4) on average, each female of species X leaves 10 female offspring in her lifetime. If all offspring survive to reproduce, then how many female descendants will a single female leave in after 10 generations.

I think this one is 100 but i'm not sure

5) the struggle for existence is a consquence of

a) each organism leaving more offspring than needed to replace itself

b) innate competitive tendencies

c) the inevitable difficulty of comping with climate conditions

d) territories and dominance hierarchies

I think this one is D but i'm not sure.

Can someone please help??

Thanks a bunch :)

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    Question 1: They probably mean Lamarck, but whoever they mean it's a gross misrepresentation. There were more people around who had theories about evolution before Darwin and Wallace.

    Question 2: Not sure what they mean here, I would guess "separately"

    Question 3: humans - nature

    Queston 4: After one generation, she will have 10 female offspring. Eacht of these will have 10 offspring, so after the second generation there will be 10x10=100. After the third generation 10x100=1000. After the fourth 10x1000=10,000. After the tenth it will be 10,000,000,000.

    Question 5: Answer a. Each organism leaves more offspring than needed to replace itself, so the next generation, if not reduced, will contain more individuals. Thus, the number of individuals will tend to grow. However, the means of existence will at one point not be enough to support an ever-increasing population, so at some point there is not enough for all organisms to survive and get offspring. Some will be able to do so, others don't - the attempt to be in the first category is the struggle for life.

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