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How should I get rid of this dog?

Our roommate decided not to listen to me and my boyfriend and get a dog. Right when he got a new gf the first thing that she talked him into was a dog...that stays at our apartment..not house. We have a weight limit of 30pounds..he brings home a dog after not listening to us and its a full grown golden retriever... he says hes only staying for a week his owners cant have him at his apartment bc they have a weight limit..uhhh HELLOO? So do we.. So now we have another dog, we have a beagle pup, female 6 months old, 13 pounds. He refuses to take care of the pup then he brings home another dog? Wtf so Im now taking care of this dog too. He is an absolute sweetheart love him to death, hes been through alot he shows obvious signs of abuse and neglect, hes training, knows a couple tricks would love to keep him but we dont have a house, this isnt a big enough place, and having him here means we have a chance of getting kicked out and fined 200 dollars a day hes here if our landlord finds out.... Our roommate said hes not giving him to a stranger and wants to interview people...thats nice but how long is that gonna take? He doesnt take care of himself and isnt taking care of this dog..I am.. Hes a sweetie, loves to play fetch, knows how to sit and shake,and sometimes speak, he will alert you if someones at the door, potty trained, very gentle and loving, will sleep with you or next to you, as of right now hes asleep on my bed, very good listener, no problem giving him baths he jumps right in. He has a few scars on his face, left eyes is a little droopy he got shot with a airsoft gun, always has his tail down low, and alot of times his head, but not when you play fetch. What should I do with him?


The beagle is my puppy, the golden retriever is the one I need to get rid of

Update 2:

Not getting rid of the beagle

Update 3:

The roommate wont take him to a shelter bc he wants to know whos getting him and wont put him on craigslist bc they are strangers he says

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    Google search No-Kill Shelters and Golden Rescues in your area and make your roommate responsible for any re-homing fee that might apply-even if he doesn't up front it, then he gets to pay for all the TP for a year, etc.

    You can't keep the dog and you can't lose your home. Do the responsible thing for all of you.

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    I think the best answer is for you and your boyfriend to get rid of the roommate...AND KEEP THE DOG INSTEAD! Sounds like he's absolutely wonderful and needs someone to give him a break and a loving, forever home he can believe is his! There are other apartments that can be found and, just think about'll need one less bedroom for the roommate and you'll never have to deal with such "surprises" again! Immediate and future problems solved.

    If you just can't open your hearts to go this route, please find a reputable rescue organization in your area...NOT a shelter and NOT Craig's List. The chances are this poor dog will end up in a situation/environment similar to the one he was in before, or worse! Check out and look for rescues that serve your area. Contact them directly and ask for their help or guidance. Many rescues are willing to foster dogs they take in until they are able to find a good, loving, permanent home for these deserving sweethearts!

    Good luck to you both and may your roommate someday realize that ignoring or playing around with the life of a living, breathing being is only a disgusting pretense of doing the right thing.

    Source(s): Three adopted rescues and counting in this home!
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    Keep the dog and take the roommate to a homeless people shelter.

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    Take him to a shelter that helps dog find a home and doesn't put them to sleep in ur area

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    A Beagle will be adopted quickly at a shelter. Take him to a shelter.

    You weren't very clear. You are pretty heartless in the way you speak of this dog. "I need to get RID OF IT"

    A Golden will be adopted quick from a shelter, again, take the dog TO A SHELTER. He doesn't NEED to know who the dog is adopted to. Besides, it's not YOUR job to do this, it's not your dog, it's his. Let HIM figure it out.

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    Call a reputable rescue shelter in your area...they will be able to help find a right home.

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    Give it away to a family member or a friend and if you cant find an owner, give it to a shelter

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    Contact a breed rescue. They will guarantee the dog is placed in an appropriate home.

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