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How long will my fox live?

We rescued a deaf red fox kit two years ago. His name i Shawn and we love and, and because of his deafness, we can't release him into the wild :( He is a very happy fox. He lives with our 4 other dogs, get PLENTY of exercise, because we live on a farm, we feed him only homemade food, and is generally very healthy. Our vet is very good with him. How long will he live? Will his deafness affect his life span? We do not know why he is deaf, but his mother obviously abandoned him... :(

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    red foxes live around ten years old(8-14 to be exact!) I just picked up my baby red fox kit, and have read up on them quite a bit, i really wanted to know what i was getting into! being deaf should not ffect his life span at all.i actually have a question on here that maybe you could answer tho? i was asking about litterbox training, and how often you should put them in the litter box so she catches on. is yours a housepet,and is he litter trained, or is yours kept outside? we got Evee from an actual breeder, so she is meant for captive bred life. it would be awesome if you were local, we could get together and let them play! email me if you want to trade tips and info? good luck with your fox!

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    I don't exactly know the answer to this, but i'm telling you what i know from experience. My best friend has a dog who is both deaf and blind. The vet had told him that he would have a shorter life span than most because of his problems. As of now he is a very happy dog and plays like any other dog. Honestly I think with good care and attention he should be fine. There is no estimating how long he will live but try to put as much life into the years that he does live.

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  • nawww i love foxes! i dont know the exact answer either but my friend had a deaf cat and she lived for 20 years.. with alot of good care and love i think your fox will live a pretty long happy life :) good luck!

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