What is the motivation of Holocaust deniers? What do they gain or think they gain? Why do they do it?

Is it solely Antisemitism?

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  • 9 years ago
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    To deny Jews the right to their homeland, there are arguments for this but none require that the decimation of the Jewish population of Europe by the Nazi regime didnt happen, that is inspired by anti sematism.

    Admittedly the whole thing has been claimed by the Zionista, as an exclusively Jewish event. No mention is given to the murder of Russian and polish POW's, mentally deficient, homosexuals, Gypsy's. etc etc. But to deny the systematic removal of Jews from occupied lands, the oft stated policy of Adolph Hitler and the horrific evidence in still and movie pictures, taken by British and American film crews, not to mention the testimony of those that survived, is applied insanity.

    Really, I recommend two books to these people, The Diary of Ann Frank and Survival in Auschwitz, The latter was originally called "If This is Man" by Primo Levi, the name change on translation was to prompt sales in the US, not a place for abstract titles, a small poetic summation from him.

    Consider whether this is a man,

    Who labours in the mud

    Who knows no peace

    Who fights for a crust of bread

    Who dies at a yes or a no.

    Consider whether this is a woman,

    Without hair or name

    With no more strength to remember

    Eyes empty and womb cold

    As a frog in winter.

    (in 'Shemá', Collected Poems, 1988)

    A warning to those that might read this book, it is not for the depressive, it reveals a side of humanity that isnt pretty and does so without emotion. I suspect his survival destroyed any emotion he possessed, he later committed suicide.

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  • There are different threads.

    One is the insistence that Israel was created primarily because of the Holocaust. Zionism as a political movement began in the late 1800s when Theodor Herzl and others realized that Europe was an increasingly dangerous place fore Jews. By 1895, mobs in Paris were shouting "Death to the Jews" during the Dreyfus Affair. 1895 not 1945.

    That thread is run primarily by folks who want to pretend that Israel is populated primarily by European Jews and is therefore an example of European colonialism and that all Jews should therefore be throw out. It's not. There has always been a MIddle Eastern Jewish presence there, augmented by the million or so Middle Eastern Jews who were forced to abandon their homes, land and property elsewhere by the violence which accompanied the many rising Arab nationalisms which followed the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI and the creation of the modern Arab nations.

    (Under the Ottoman Empire, smaller historic group identities had been suppressed. They came rising to the fore and part of their expression was violence against neighbours who belonged to other groups, including Jews who were always seen as 'other' regardless of how long they had lived together. A more recent example of this phenomenon was the post-Soviet violence in the Balkans.)

    If they had allowed their Jewish neighbours to continue to reside throughout the Middle East, there would have been no need in the early to mid 20th century for a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. They didn't so there was.

    Syria, Jordan and Egypt ALL want the land for themselves and have proven themselves willing to do just about anything they think they can get away with to gain it. Including using Hizbollah and Hamas as their fighters, Palestinian Arabs as pawns, and well-intentioned westerners as PR propagators.

    The other main thread is those who wish to deny or downplay the Holocaust because they hope for an opportunity to 'complete the job'.

    Source(s): What do they gain? A sense of superiority and conviction. They're fundamentalists believing in an especially vile dogma.
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  • Sara
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    9 years ago

    I don't know what to think; after all the history books are written by the victors.

    I feel that repeating the doubts that history has about this part of the war just hurts the feelings of the Jewish people who are our friends and neighbors.

    I too read about the ground-penetrating radar. That was done in an attempt to locate makeshift graves, to give the victims a proper burial.

    My mother was a newspaper reporter during the war and she said that the whole thing came as a surprise to the media in her city, that during the war no one was talking about the camps, only suddenly at the end of the war.

    Possibly all events of World War II are a mixture of truth and error, and it will be long after the parents and grandparents are gone that we will be able to know who was most at fault.

    The Russians did many atrocities to the German people, but these are not often spoken of.

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  • 9 years ago

    All denial essentially claims Jews are somehow so superhumanly evil, & prone to brainwashing the world...that somehow "the Holocaust is nothing like the claims of all the NON-Jews victims, witnesses, & German & other country's participants that state facts of it out right,"...& somehow Jews manipulated all of this.

    In other words, right in the denial, are the classics of antisemitic views of Jews.

    The motivations are:

    1) Hatred of Jews. You can't attack Jews to wipe them out, *IF* it was already done & people feel badly about it.

    2) Politically, Israel is non-Muslim domination in a region that believes minorities such as Jews, shouldn't have independent self-rule. It's why the Kurds too have trouble in the areas they're in. So to get rid of Israel, denial is one tool.

    To show how politically motivated it is, consider that the same people denying it, falsely use the non-existent Holocaust & Nazi images at Jews, to compare to Israel's behavior.

    The political illogic of #2 is:

    - Israel was formed because of the Holocaust.

    It wasn't, it was started in 1850s. All the elements of a country was already in place long before it was presented to the U.N. for independence along side many other countries such as Pakistan, Jordan, & parts of Africa.

    - Therefore if we get rid of the Holocaust, we get rid of the rights of Jews to a country there.

    Jews have been part of the Middle East for over 3000 years & deserve a tiny sliver for self-rule. When you see the size of Israel, a spec, compared to the sea of Muslim & Arab countries, it's obvious it's not about the actual plot of barren, non-oil producing, brown bit of land.

    - Arabs imported additional antisemitism, & animosity at Jews during the Holocaust, when their leadership the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem befriended Hitler. A number of camps were in Muslim countries, & Jews were rounded up to be deported to the death camps. Some Muslims acted morally, but others had no problem with this.

    - Then the truly nutty reason

    If a war with Israel can be started, then for very over the top religious such as Ahmendinajad, the endtimes wars will start, the messiah will come, and he'll get special favor with God for getting it all started. ...For real, that's his belief.


    On Sara's answer about reporters & media - Early on the New York Times did some stories on the beginning of the atrocities. Then they buried it. Other papers took their lead. It wasn't in the U.S. media till after the war. Roosevelt knew about it, & make major decisions not to bomb the train tracks to the camps - its' a well known controversy of whether he should have.

    By the way, the majority of Americans thought the Nuremburg laws & other attacks on Jews before the war were probably because "the Jews deserved it." The US didn't go into the war to help Jews, & mostly didn't let them even escape to the U.S.. "Jews" being attacked, wasn't much of anyone's concern to report or read about.


    On denial claims of facts - this site addresses all those non-scientific twistings.


    <Peter>'s comment

    Only a few countries have denial laws - such as Germany - to prevent the Nazi party from regaining power. To twist it to claim that it can't be questioned or researched, is to manipulate.


    <Moonto>'s comment

    Jews, including Israeli Jews, are MORE likely to know about the other victiims targeted & reference them. Your attack on Israel that Jews there that Israelis only refer to Jewish deaths is completely false (and kindly stop calling them "zionists" -- it's are part of the community of Jews not some especially "evil" group to point fingers at).

    It's that Jews were especially picked out & targeted even before the war in the Nuremburg laws & were most genocided, that stunned the rest of the world & why they are most talked about in general.

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  • zonker
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    3 years ago

    They don't have anything to attain. They without difficulty have a natural love of purpose reality and aren't inclined to blindly count on what they have got been informed is reality by way of the mainstream need to routinely be precise. Honestly, how a lot severe revisionist literature have you ever honestly troubled to learn? Or did you simply take any individual else's phrase for it that they'd not anything important to mention?

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  • neil s
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    9 years ago

    There are some legitimate questions about the history, but almost no deniers use legitimate historical methods, and there are no claims made outside of historical academia that have stood up to scrutiny.

    I think there are some who are simply anti-Jew. Others seem to simply be people who want to feel like they are in on something everyone else missed.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's got absolutely nothing to do with antisemitism and every to do with getting the facts straight! 60+ years of anti-German propaganda, which actually started during WW1 (the Zionists claimed even then that 6 Million Jews were being destroyed), gone unchecked has created what Norman Finkelstein aptly calls The Holocaust Industry. There's no business like Shoah business where the Zionists are concerned, it feeds their piggy bank and allows them to commit genocide against the Palestinians. What a business indeed.

    Wake up people, anyone with even minimal intelligence were to do proper investigation and ask the right questions, would quickly come to the realization that the stories are a Holohoax. And why is it the SINGLE historical event that can't be questioned publicly without fear of retribution, in many western countries, actual jail time!! What's to hide? Everything!!

    Source(s): www.codoh.com www.ihr.org Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton www.debatingtheholocaust.com
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  • 9 years ago

    In my opinon, yes. It's solely Antisemitism.

    The Holocaust is a rather large, for lack of a better term, trump card available to the Jews as a sign that they were oppressed .... brutally.

    That past oppression evokes sympathy from others.

    If you invalidate the initial oppression, there is no reason for sympathy.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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