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Which names sound most noble?

I am writing stories with a royal house, nobility and knights and want to rank these names accordingly. Please rank them and say why: Butler Baker Chandler Porter Smith Smyth Smythe Wheelwright Wainwright Cartwright Boatwright Carter Collier Silversmith Goldsmith Wexler Farmer Shepherd Dryarer Ploughman Ploughwright Taylor Carpenter Miller Cook Cooke Farrier Mercer Draper Dyer Webber Webster Butler Steward Potter Waggoner Weaver Wright Fisher Gardener Gardner Brewer Saddler Glover Stabler Cooper Thatcher

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    None of those names is actually noble. They're all derived from trades. (Your names speak for themselves.)

    When people first began to have surnames, they came from either their trade or the place where they lived. A knight wouldn't have a name that sniffed of trade!

    Try for some place names. If your stories are set in England (or France, etc, for that matter), have a look at an atlas and use one of the place names there - but not cities, as they're probably taken! A "de" before it would also be acceptable.

    "Fitz..." could also be used. It means "son of", and it would be perfectly all right to have a name like "Fitzhugh", "Fitzjohn", etc, showing that you were the illegitimate son of the great lord Hugh or John. "Fitzroy" would be the illegitimate son of a king, so perhaps that wouldn't be viable, unless your fictional knight/lord descended from the king.

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    Wexler sounds a noble to me.

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