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How can I prepare for a holiday to Tenerife?

I am going to tenerife in the Easter holidays and although I am very excited I don't know how to prepare for it. I am going wih my swimming club as it's like a training camp, we will be swimming fo two hours every morning and every night very hard. What shall I pack? What do I need to buy?? What are the kind of things I need to wear? What should I take on the plane? Anything else?

Extra info: I am going for one week, without my parents, I am 12

thanks!!! Xx

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oh la la! so i looked up Tenerife and ur going to be in the islands?

    Lucky girl!!!! I am sooooo jealous, but u helped me with my Q so im gonna try to help you with urs.

    Ok, for swimming....

    At least 2 caps

    At least 2-3 suits

    Baby Powder (for cap drying)

    2 pairs of goggles

    Fins, paddles, pull bouy, kickboard if they said to bring those things

    Hairbrush and special shampoo and conditioner if you use that after you swim

    Pony holders

    Moisturizer (I like to use a lotion after I get out of the pool because my skin gets super dry and itchy)

    Lotsa Towels--in case you forget to hang one up or want some for ur face or something

    Board Shorts or other coverup shorts if you want

    Athletic shirts and sweatshirts you can throw on to go to the pool.

    Any touch up makeup that you use after you get out. If you are really want to, some of my swim friends wear waterproof makeup in the pool but Idk if this applies to you...

    Camera--not a neccessity, but some of my fave pics are of me and my swim friends from different camps by the pool

    Water bottle you can bring to drink while swimming

    Energy bars

    For the plane I would just take lots of entertainment


    Ipod or iPad if you have one and feel comfertable bringing it. Otherwise you may want to bring calling cards or something.

    Cell Phone--to keep in touch with ur friends! Make sure you know if it'll work down there!!!

    Notebook and pen--so you can write if you want about the trip, but also for the swimming if you are going to have lectures or you want to write down ur new friends names


    Pillow and Blanket

    Headphones--even if you don't bring an iPod, you can put them in if someone on the flight is like snoring really loud or something and annoying u.

    Money, if you want something from the little cart thingy the flight attendents push around.


    Edit- Okay, I thot of some more stuff.

    if you are going to be doing any dryland, I would pack shorts and shirts you can run in, tennies, socks, and a sports bra if you want it.

    Swim Bag--u don't want to lug ur suitcase to the pool!!!

    Flip Flops u can wear to the pool

    Xtra straps or nosepiece for googles--optional

    Video cam

    Gum for the plane (so ur ears don't pop!)

    Rubber bands or retainer if you have braces or something

    Sunscreen--if you're gonna be outside

    Magazines--for entertainment

    Earrings u can swim in. Diamonds and sparklys dull in the pool!!!!

    I'll see if I can think of anything else but b4now!

    Hope I helped and have an awesome day!

    <3 Lils

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  • 4 years ago

    FABULOUS position! I went in June and had two weeks of the whole lot well.Food and beverages very fair - simply a few euros for a well meal. We had a ship commute and a few bus journeys.If the kids are not too little then take them to the Castille san Miguel for a medieval night time. Loro Parque is a MUST. If you have not already booked your transfers then the usual buses from the Airport to Los Christianos are ample and really low-priced. Don't trouble with a'Blanket Trip' -the children and you are going to be bored.You need to check out the licorice ice cream - it is stunning! It possibly simply as good to take a journey kettle and a jar of QT as a few locations do not believe that individuals drink tea !! Oh ! I wsh I used to be going again subsequent week, too. ENJOY !

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