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How do I decrypt this text?

It is administrative user names and passwords for my home computer. It left me with this encrypted passwords and i need them to log in. Here is what was in the txt. document:
















This isn't the full encryption it cut off other parts of it. If you can tell me what lanuage it is encryted in that would help a lot. you can also email me and i can send you the file for the full encryption.

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    Googling 'Guest 501 4D' yielded a link to the forum of InsidePro. As far as I understood you should use SamInside (or something like that) to decrypt that. (And yeah, it uses bruteforce. There are also so-called 'rainbow tables' available on the SamInside website to make the bruteforce process faster.)

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    To be of any real use the algorithms should allow forward encruption only i.e. you initialise your password, it's encrypted and stored. The next time you log in you type in your password, it's encrypted, and the encrypted version is compared against the stored encrypted version. It shouldn't be possible, with a decent algorithm, to decrypt passwords that's why hackers often use brute force attacks.

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