How to cancel a ACH Debit?

I have had a credit card paid in full for over a year. The card has expired and the account closed. But I am still having a ACH payment taken out of my checking account. I have called the credit card company numerous times and the said the cannot cancel the ACH that I need to cancel it with my bank, even though I NEVER set this up with the bank. I contacted my bank put a Stop on the ACH (which cost $34). But the bank said the Stop on the ACH is only good for 180 days. After 180 days the ACH debits CAN resume because the credit card company still has my information. They suggested that I cancel my bank account and reopen another to cancel it indefinitely. I really don't want to close my account. What should I do?

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  • Dave W
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    10 years ago
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    I would call the bank and tell them that this recurring ACH payment is going to an account that is closed and that you want to permanently cancel it. Ask them whether you are the one that set it up or if the credit card company did. I think you had to have authorized it somehow but that could have been because you told the credit card company to do the ACH transaction to pull money from your bank account or it could be because you told the bank to send the payments to the credit card company.

    If you told the bank to send the payments, then they should let you cancel them permanently without any charge at all. If you authorized the credit card company to do it, then they set it up, then call them back and tell them that the bank says the credit card company is the one that set up the withdrawals and that they need to cancel them.

    Having to close your bank account is ridiculous. If the credit card company is the one that set up the withdrawals then their customer service people are giving you the run around because they need to cancel it. Ask to talk with a supervisor if the first person you get is not helpful.

    What are they doing with the money they got before you put the 180 day block on the ACH transactions? If your account is paid they should be refunding you that money. This sounds like a credit card company I would not want to do business with.

  • behney
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    4 years ago

    each and every employer ought to have yet another handle so which you would be able to deliver your money to, to confirm you nevertheless get your cancelled tests. I artwork for between the biggest mastercard businesses, and we frequently technique our tests with the aid of ACH, and we've yet another handle for people who request it. call your shopper help and ask for a seperate handle. it isn't any longer a worry-unfastened request, nonetheless, so the rep might ought to do particularly checking around to locate the handle.

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