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? asked in TravelAsia PacificIndonesia · 1 decade ago

What do you know about Indonesia?


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    Indonesia is a country with hundreds of islands and hundreds of languages.

    The main Islands are Jawa, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Irian Jaya.

    Irian Jaya connects to Papua New Gueni.

    Kalimantan connects to Borneo.

    Indonesian population is about 240 million.

    Most of the Indonesian population is in Jawa.

    Jawa is the main Indonesian place because the capital is there.

    The Capital is Jakarta.

    Jakarta only became the capital in 1949 because before that Yogjakarta was the capital when the dutch were still occupy Indonesia.

    Indonesia has the highest muslim population.

    Bali is in Indonesia, and is a very famous tourist attraction, hunduism is a based on the balinese religion.

    There are also alot of Catholics, Protestants and Buddists.

    The Sumatran tiger comes from Sumatra.

    The Batak Tribe comes from Sumatra. The batak tribe is the most tuffest people in Indonesia.

    The Batak history talks about cannibals, but they are very gently and nice.

    Children can buy smokes in Indonesia.

    Not many people drink alcohol in Indonesia because it is HALAL for muslims, together with pig and touching dogs.

    People eat dogs in Indonesia

    Famous Indonesian snack include: martabak, kue lapis, pisang goreng

    Famous Indonesian drinks/dessert include: Es teler, Es cendol, Es doger

    Famous Indonesian Food include: Nasi Tumpeng, Nasi gorend, Mire goreng, Sak-sang, Tempe dan tahu goreng.

    Jakarta is very polluted. There is a high rate of crime in Indonesia.

    There is alot of corruption in Indonesia.

    There is alot of traffic in Indonesia, and some people dont follow the rules.

    Source of transport is Angkot, Ojek, Bus, Becak, mobil

    Many poor people in Indonesia, many beggers.

    There is a strong cultural heritage in Indonesia, Yogjakarta is very old Indonesia and is a great tourist attraction.

    Ibu Kartini is a high figure for Indonesian Women

    Money is Rupiah in Indonesia.

    Salary in Indonesia varies significantly.

    The government does not help the poor.

    Aqua, teh Sosro is a famous Indonesian Drink

    There are many international schools in Indonesia

    Chinese people are really good in buisness

    The big supermarket franchise in Indo are Hero, Carefour.

    Sulawesi island is very good for scuba diving.

    Kalimantan island is very good for forest tracks

    Sumatra is very hilly. Lake toba a famous lake is in Upper Sumatra. Its beautiful.

    Pirates are still present around Indonesia

    There are many refugees flocking to Australia every week. They get sent to Christmas Island.

    The main language they speak in Indonesia is 'Bahasa Indonesia'

    The main dialect in Jawa is SUNDA

    Foreign people call Jawa 'Java'

    Indonesian people love foreigners.

    Their favorite sports a soccer, badminton, table tennis.

    Indonesia export alot of paper and school material

    apa kabar means how are you

    they were colonized by the dutch

    The flag is red on top and white on the bottom, it symbolizes blood and bone.

    Sukarno is Indonesia's founding president

    Source(s): Saya Orang Indo
  • 5 years ago

    Its an archipelago country with a lot of beautiful place to explore.

    Indonesia have a lot of active volcano in almost every big island, which give good land for a farmer to grow crops, but also a dangerous disaster when a volcano was erupt.

    The capital city its Jakarta, which have a lot of city problem like worst traffic jam!

    But overall, Indonesia is a beautiful country with nice native peoples..

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    It's a country formerly known as Canada. It is now officially called Indocanada, but Indonesia for short.

    Source(s): I'm Indocanadian.
  • 1 decade ago

    @jayjay u said It's a country formerly known as Canada??????now officially called Indocanada???

    seriously?? great. im an indonesian n i dunt even know about that hahaha

    Answer of the question: Im indonesia, live in a very small island before n now studies overbroad in other country....

    wat i know bout indonesia? err I know the language obviously..

    n the history, the whole map, we need to memorize it in our school

    know Bali is a great place

    the food is tasty, i couldnt get used to the food here(in Singapore), the chili is to sweet

    er... wat more.. I know the President of Indonesia (but he dont know me) lol

    ahh.. there is only sunny n rainy day here

    no four season, so i hav never seen snow

    ther's really bad traffic jam in Jakarta(the capital)

    i've been there for 3-day holiday.. n spent half of my holiday on the road, waiting for the car to move an inch

    oh n there's LOT of Chinese here

    many places are not so developed like the capital

    but i enjoy the fresh air

    Source(s): Indonesian here actually it's kinda weird question to ask to an Indonesian hahahha lol
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is in asia and it is the country with the largest muslim population

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