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Shawn asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago


A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7˙˙˙˙Z=26

attitude 態度

azurite 藍銅礦

awfully 惡劣地

aquamarine 海藍寶石






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  • 9 years ago
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    有一位網友在全部共 9個字母的英文字中,找出 510 個。

    還有更多不是9個字母的 。


    acceptors, acquitted, activates, acylation, adulthood, adverting, aerofoils, aerometer, aggresses, agnations, alfaquins, alkoxides, altiplano, amanitins, amelcorns, ametropic, angerless, angulates, animately, animaters, antishock, antiurban, anvilling, apheresis, appeasers, appertain, appointed, arbuscles, argumenta, arhatship, asswaging, asthenies, asyndetic, atheromas, auctorial, autoclave, automated, avocation, avouching, backswept, baguettes, ballonets, bannerols, battement, baulkiest, bedazzles, beestings, benadryls, bergamots, bestirred, bettering, bevellers, biathlons, bigaroons, bipartite, birthmark, blastoffs, blazoning, blighters, bolstered, bonhomies, bonneting, boohooing, boulevard, boxboards, bractlets, breathily, burnished, bushlands, cacophony, calvarium, caponiers, carotenes, carpenter, carrioles, caryatids, catteries, causeries, cavitates, centupled, charwomen, chiliasts, chondrule, chorioids, chucklers, clerkdoms, cleveites, clockwise, coannexes, coassumed, coattails, coderives, cofactors, colonials, columbite, companion, compering, complicit, congeners, contented, cookeries, coproduce, cornmeals, coryphaei, covalency, crankiest, creepiest, crimsoned, cumulated, curbsides, curettage, cymophane, decouples, decrypted, deerberry, deflators, degausses, dehorting, denounces, depletion, deploring, descriers, designers, desolates, deterring, dialysing, digestive, dilatants, dinginess, dioecious, diopsides, diplotene, dirigiste, dispraise, disseized, dissuader, dithyramb, divorcees, dockyards, dogmatize, dolomitic, dominates, dowsabels, draftsmen, drawplate, driveling, drumbling, dualities, ducklings, ducktails, dulcimore, dumbfound, ebullient, ecstasies, ejections, electives, elephants, elsewhere, encumbers, endocasts, equalized, equipages, etherized, ethylated, eunuchoid, euphenics, excavates, excellent, excerpted, excoriate, execrates, exergonic, extracted, ,

    2011-04-01 20:06:43 補充:

    fallaways, falseness, falsities, fatalisms, feldspars, fenestral, filtering, fissioned, flatlings, flichters, flockiest, fondlings, footpaces, foreshock, foresides, forsaking,

    2011-04-01 20:06:53 補充:

    garnishes, gemsbucks, gentrices, geraniols, germanely, gladiolus, glairiest, glissando, glittered, glorifies, glutamate, godparent, gorgonian, grandaunt, grappling, gravamens, grovelled, guildsman,

    2011-04-01 20:07:14 補充:

    halakists, halftones, hammerers, harmonics, headhunts, healthily, helilifts, hellbroth, hematites, hifalutin, hinderers, hodoscope, hollering, holograph, honeycomb, hooligans, hostelled, hydrazide, hyperemia,

    2011-04-01 20:07:37 補充:

    ignifying, iguanodon, imbroglio, impaction, impendent, impotence, inaneness, inanities, inductees, inferring, inflation, infringer, inoculate, inshrined, intellect, interfere, introfied, isocheims, isochimes,

    2011-04-01 20:07:58 補充:

    jailhouse, judiciary, kailyards, keeshonds, keyboards, kiddushes, kleenexes. knockoffs, lacquerer, lambskins, largeness, laterized, latinized, lavenders, levigates, liberator, libration, ligaments, lightning, lobstered, lodicules, logrolled, lubricant,

    2011-04-01 20:08:57 補充:

    machismos, macrocosm, magistral, magnetize, mailboxes, maintains, mamelukes, mammalogy, mangonels, marauders, margarins, marinates, marshalcy, masochism, matchless, meaningly, mercurial, merganser, merocrine, mesentera, milksheds, millimole, mimickers, misatoned, misdirect, moderates,

    2011-04-01 20:09:54 補充:

    molecular, mollifies, monocline, montaging, morphemic, noncasual, noncausal, nostalgic, nucleates, oarfishes, obligatos, obscenely, octameter, omniarchs, oogametes, operagoer, osculated, ostracode, outbaking, overboard, overbrief, overbroad, overdried, overscale, paillette, palatally, palpitate,

    2011-04-01 20:10:27 補充:

    panderers, parakites, pastiches, pedicures, pelleting, penalises, penchants, perborate, performed, peroxided, personage, phagocyte, phalanxes, pharisees, phenoxide, phlebitis, phosphide, physicked, pianistic, pigeonite, pilloried, pinecones, pistaches, pistachio, pixilated, plantlike, plastered

    2011-04-01 20:10:54 補充:

    pocketing, polyamide, preadapts, preatomic, precising, preformed, preordain, procaines, profaning, pteridine, quicklime, quietened, racemisms, rackingly, raincoats, ravelling, rearguing, recorking, rectrices, redesigns, redonning, referring, reflation, reflexing, regionals, regorging

    2011-04-01 20:13:06 補充:

    regressed, regroomed, rehammers, relacquer, remedying, reprobate, reputable, reraising, resecting, reshipped, reshoeing, reshuffle, responded, restaging, restocked, reverbing, rhizobial, ricochets, ridicules, ringnecks, riverbank, rocketeer, sagebrush, saintlike, salacious, salariats,


    2011-04-01 20:15:19 補充:


    但是這裡貼不下510 個,. . .

    2011-04-02 23:28:41 補充:

    sapogenin, satiating, scannings, scapolite, scarfskin, schoolman, sclerosed, scorepads, scrapbook, scrummage, scumbling, seashells, secreting, selective, selenates, semaphore, shadberry, shadowing, shakedown, shattered, shearings, shortcake, shredders, shrieking, sincipita, skiddiest,

    2011-04-02 23:29:11 補充:

    slenderer, slithered, smirching, smokelike, socialism, sociogram, spillages, spinelike, spondaics, sporangia, springald, squibbing, squinched, staggerer, standards, steadiers, strangled, subducing, sublethal, subniches, sugarloaf, surcharge, sweetened, syndicate, tablature, tailcoats, telegrams,

    2011-04-02 23:29:28 補充:

    telephone, telescope, thaneship, therapsid, therefore, thiophene, thumbnail, tidemarks, tinselled, toboggans, tolerated, torrefied, trembling, trierarch, trochlear, tularemia, typefaces, unaltered, unbeloved, unbounded, unclipped, underdone, undergird, unequaled, unindexed, unleveled, unpegging,

    2011-04-02 23:29:53 補充:

    unrelated, unsayable, unshelled, untacking, unwearied, urbanized, urceolate, urticaria, vacuolate, varnished, vasovagal, ventifact, verbalize, vetchling, vouchsafe, warragals, watchdogs, waterbird, waveshape, wheatears,

    2011-04-02 23:30:09 補充:

    wheelsman, wholesale, windfalls, witchlike, witchweed, woodblock, yardbirds, yohimbine, zincifies,

    2011-04-02 23:30:48 補充:

    貼完 510 個字。

    2011-04-03 00:51:44 補充:


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  • 9 years ago

    也像腦筋急轉彎 @_@

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  • 9 years ago

    這...是數學吧..= =

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