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Should I get the Wii Zapper bundled with Link's Crossbow Training?

Is it worth it for 20$?

I don't have any other shooting games for the Wii yet, but do you think it will be useful in the future?

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    The game itself is literally very fun and I enjoy the Wii Zapper with it. Let's just say this: If you haven't tried out the Wii Zapper yet, then I highly suggest you at least try it.

    You may not be used to the controls at first, but it takes time to get use to things, right?

    If you like shooting games, then yes, it will be useful in the future, as you might buy one of those games.

    Source(s): I think it's underpriced for $20
  • 3 years ago

    Wii Zapper is cumbersome and demands 2 hands to hold. The Nyko perfect shot is extra straightforward to hold, smaller, and is spring loaded, and extra useful than the wii zapper. confident the perfect Shot can replace the Wii Zapper in case you desire. although, the wii zapper comes with a unfastened interest, so this is as much as you. And no, Rock Band gadgets can't be utilized in any of the GH video games on the wii, although you ought to apply GH gadgets on Rock Band 2. (yet no longer RB1)

  • 9 years ago

    i got it a while back, i think that the link game that comes with it is worth 20 dollars by itself, its very fun

    but i honestly didnt really care for the zapper itself, you have to hold it backwards than you would a normal gun because the trigger is up at the front of the gun, its just kinda awkward, but you should get used to it after a day or 2

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