How do you change the pixel count of a photo without erasing 95% of the picture? Btw, I'm using Paint Shop.?

I'm trying to upload a picture to a website but it's telling me that the image can't exceed a height or width of 160 pixels. I have no problem resizing the photo to make it smaller but it doesn't change the pixel count and when I try to change the pixel count instead of resizing the entire picture it leaves only a corner of the entire photo visible. How do I change the pixel count of the photo while still maintaining the entire picture?


All I did to resize the photo was go to the zoom option and change it from 100% zoom to 25% zoom, it made the picture smaller but the pixel count is still the same. Let's say I don't resize the photo, how do I change the pixel count. Right now it's set at 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. When I change the two numbers to 160 and 160 it cuts off all but the corner of the picture. Can someone give me step by step details using Paint Shop on how to change the pixel count without cutting off most of the picture?

Update 2:

Ok, got it! Thanks Pears Before Swine. :D

Update 3:

oops, I meant Pearls, that's what I get for typing too fast. 10 points to you when it gives me the option.

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    The pixel count is the width times the height - so when you change one, the other will change too.

    I would do this:

    1. Resize (don't crop) the image to 160 pixels wide (that should make the entire picture smaller)

    2. If it's still taller than 160 pixels, then crop the image to be 160 or less pixels high

  • 10 years ago

    You don't say what version of Paint Shop you're using. These instructions will work for the newer versions. By "pixel count" do you mean "resolution"? Does your image have to be in the 72 dpi for the web? Why doesn't resizing to 160 pixels on the longest side work?

    Open your photo. Image>Resize. In Advanced Settings: UNcheck Resample Using and change the value up in the Resolution box to 72. Now, you're going to use the Pixel Dimensions section of the Resize dialog to change the size of the image. First, down in Advanced Settings, checkmark Resample Using and pick "Smart Resize". In the Pixel Dimensions section, change the value for the longest side to 160. Make sure the units are pixels. Click OK.

    Your image should have a resolution of 72 dpi and be 160 pixels on its longest side.

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  • Nick
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    10 years ago

    You are cropping the picture, which is why you're losing your picture. What you have to do is change the resolution, the dpi, and then it will resample the image smaller.

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