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Am I destined to die in a car crash?

Ok Im 19 and havent been driving for more than a year. Im a good driver but It seems like im always having bad timing. It started around Oct-Nov. I hit a deer coming home...barely any damage to the car but still was scary. Then NEW YEARS DAy i got into a little fender bender in a parking lot which was settled on the scene. No damage. Then February i hit a car turning left(this has been the worse one being that we had to call the cops and little damage to the side of the car; no injuries) then this past saturday driving back from a party in my friends car i ran over a tiny little big deal. Then TODAY a dog ran into the middle of the road which sent me off the road in a ditch. Seems like this keeps happening. Ive been in 3 wrecks(The deer; Fender bender; and pulling out hitting a car) The rest have been like this. Idk if this is a sign or not but I am feeling like im destined to die in a car crash or something. Ive had about 6 close calls not including the three major ones. Can anyone give me an answer on what this could mean? Im to the point where im scared to drive ever again.


@ Jeremy....I dont text and drive?

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    Let me start by reassuring you: You are NOT DESTINED to have a car crash.

    What you need to do is understand that a car gave you a wonderfull thing: Freedom and independence. After all, that's the whole charm in cars, right? However, these come with a cost, and the cost is something called: Responsibility or "response-ability." It means that you are the one in charge with how you react and with it's consequences. You are in control, only you. No matter what happens on the road, you can choose how you react.

    Thinking about collisions as one's destiny hinders taking responsibility. Instead of taking responsibility for your own actions, you put blame on "fate." Just like you didn't want to be in these collisions, no one else really wants to be in a crash. No single human will define his own driving as "reckless" or go out to drive in the intention of hitting another car. We are all people and we all want to live, but as people we also make mistakes. That's what collisions are all about -- making mistakes, without any bad intention at heart.

    If you prevent the mistake or if you create a "safety gap" that allows for those mistakes to happen without causing harm -- you could avoid collisions. They are not "Accidents", because they don't happen by accident -- they are collisions, and they are CAUSED by human error.

    How to avoid human error:

    1. Stay fully concentrated in driving: While it might seem simple, driving is not supposed to be "easy" or "natural." You can't get into the car and just put your mind into "auto-pilot." You need to think about what you are doing during the whole drive. This gets easier in time and if you apply the principles I list below, it will become quite easy.

    2. Plan ahead: Instead of reacting to situations, see them in advance, think about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it and than -- execute your plan. This takes time and the way to gain this time is to look further ahead: Instead of looking straight at the tarmac ahead of you, work on progressivelly moving your horizon higher --look further ahead. Preferably to the furthest visibile point on the road straight ahead of you. Use your imagination to visualize the line you want the car to take from where you are to that point. This enables you to see things 10-20 seconds prematurely.

    And what about the car right in front of you? Well, think. If you are looking 20 seconds ahead, it means that the car which is 3 seconds in front has been seen and "accounted for" 17 seconds ealier. Just make a "mental" inventory.

    3. Adjust speed to conditions: Drive at the speed suitable to the conditions. You make this mental inventory so that you know how fast you can drive. Obviously you can go faster in an open, clear, multilane highway with a strong gaurdrail on each side, and you must crawl along in a small side street with columns of parked cars and presence of childern around. There is another good rule: If you can't wrap your head around this "planning ahead" thing -- you are driving too fast. It might make you slow down significantly, but when you get better at it, your speed will increase again.

    How to make allowances for human error:

    1. Maintain safety gap: We need to maintain a proper following distance from the car ahead. This could have prevented your little fender. This again depends on your "mental inventory." The proper minimum gap is two full seconds. When you are following a car, wait for it to go over a mark on the road and than count "two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand" at a steady pace. You should complete the count of two before you go over the same marking. If conditions like slippery roads/low concentration/if a driver behind is following too closely -- increase your following distance to three or four seconds.

    2. Know how to stop: Knowing how to perform an emergency stop is a lifesaving skill. By use of your mental inventory, you can expect situations where you might need to brake suddenly and be ready for that option -- like around kids, near crosswalks, in intersections, etc... If the need to stop arises -- brake, don't veer. This could have prevented you latest crash. Always try braking in a straight line and if the stopping distance does not suffice -- veer while still braking.

    You also need to brake firmly enough. Go to an empty lot and practice your braking. A speed of 30mph will do. You need to practice transitioning from throttle to brakes as fast as possible, place your foot hovering over the brake and kick it down. I know it's unnatural, but it's something you need to learn how to do. Also, get used to the juddering sounds, that's the car's ABS.

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    Check out this site:

    Learning defensive driving techniques will make you both safer, and allow you to enjoy driving more. Many of your close calls probably could have been avoided, but you might not realize it yet. We often times think we are using defensive driving, but after reading up on it, we realize that we've formed a ton of bad habits along the way.

    Check out that site and read up on the defensive driving tips there. You'll probably notice your "close calls" becoming "things you saw coming ahead of time."

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    Just take defensive driving!

    Trust me it will help you in the long run- and avoid any fatality from occurring!

    i suggest a funny course like

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    Well if you live your life by Lost episodes you can only avoid your destiny for so long, as it will course correct, but if you live your life the way normal people do, don't worry, you know you'll be fine.

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    Stop texting while driving and pay attention to your surroundings.

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