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What was immigration like in 1906?

In my story, I want to make things are realistic as possible. Joseph is going from Le Treport, France, to Eastbourne, England. He got into a huge fight with his owner, and decides to run away from the abuse he has had to endure for ten odd years. This begs a few questions.

What was immigration like in the year 1906?

How would Joseph have hopped a ship when he has not a penny to his name?

How would he have gotten off without getting caught if he secretly hops the ship?

Ideas are welcome.

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    First, what do you mean by "owner" - there were no slaves in France/England in 1906. Secondly, the easiest way for him to get on board a ship without any money, would be as a worker, server, steveador. Then, no one cares about who gets off a ship. Once they get on, they they could be safe. Finally, how would he hide and eat on the ship. You can't eat on a ship without a room, so he'd have to have someone helping him out on the ship.

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