cleaning business for sale?

i would like to sell my cleaning business with all the supplies, it brings in $6600 in a year and i work at an average of 3 hours a week a great source of income with a lot of potential, would i be able to sell it and for how much?

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    10 years ago
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    You should find a good business broker, in your area, and see what they think.

    From my experience, you might be able to ask about two times your CASH FLOW, that means NET profit before taxes, but after all of your expenses. The only issue I have with this is, you make it seem like you're the only one in this business. So are you selling contracts that you have or what? What would I get as the buyer?

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    is dependent plenty on you. Vent cleansing is extra persons oriented. you must cross into the condo, blank there vents and be certain theres no mess and the persons are glad with what you probably did. a few persons is usually a ache within the , good you recognize. Sealcoating? like decks? or driveways? sealing driveways is tougher paintings however you'll relatively do plenty of them in an afternoon and it is immediate coins, very messy for your truck and cloths regardless that. Deck sealing is a exceptional process, equal factor somewhat exertions extensive, powerwasher, chemical compounds and a well truck. I could factor what ever one you fel extra cozy doing.

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    You can esitmate its rough value with an online calculator

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