Are there chat rooms on yahoo?

Are there chat rooms on yahoo? I really wanna like... talk to someone when I'm bored or something


Uh, your name worries me, Pedo Bear.

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    Yes there are many chat rooms. You do need to have Yahoo! Messenger downloaded to use. To access the chat room open up your Yahoo! Messenger Buddy List and click Messenger. This will drop down a list of options. Hover your mouse over Yahoo! Chat and move your mouse horizontal to hover your mouse over Join a Room... and left click.

    Once in the Join Room window, you can choose your alias at the top, select a category on the left and pick a room to join on the right. By double clicking on a room, you will go through a security check and then be able to chat.

    *Edit* After viewing your other questions, there is a Lesbian Women's Lounge under the Romance category.


    Source(s): Use Yahoo! Chat.
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    I'll talk to you :D

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