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What is this lifetime movie?

I remember watching this lifetime movie a few years back, but I can't remember it's name for the life of me!

It was based on a true story.

Where there was like a babysitting agency who took in kids and basically raped/molested them.

It was this man and another woman.

The movie basically followed these kids around and the whole case/trial.

And i distinctly remember them showing like these kids go through therapy and such, giving them dolls to show what happened at the place.

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    It could be this HBO movie:

    Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995)

    starring James Woods, Mercedes Ruehl, Lolita Davidovich, Sada Thompson, Henry Thomas, Shirley Knight

    IMDb synopsis:

    The McMartin family's lives are turned upside down when they are accused of serious child molestation. The family run a school for infants. An unqualified child cruilty "expert" videotapes the children describing outrageous stories of abuse. One of the most expensive and long running trails in US legal history, exposes the lack of evidence and unprofessional attitudes of the finger pointers which kept one of the accused in jail for over five years without bail.

    IMDb synopsis 2:

    Who really decides who is guilty or innocent among us? Where is justice when a person's life hangs in the balance? Indictment: The McMartin Trial looks at these and other questions during a trial whose nature would strike fear into the hearts of parents anywhere and tear apart the lives of the accused. A family dedicated to looking after young children are arrested for the horrifying crime of child molestation. However their guilt or innocence was not determined swiftly by their fellow countrymen in a court of law. Rather it was determined by the media and thus making up the minds of a whole country. The system we live in and who holds the power is exposed leaving a family devastated in its wake.

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    Don't Know, Sorryy.

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