Are Hb2 pencils for drawing?

I have hb2 pencils at home. People usually use it for writing in class. I'm wondering if hb2 pencils are for drawing. Are they? My portrait teacher says we should use 4h, 2h, hb, 2b, and 4b for doing our portraits. He didn't mention anything about an hb2 pencil. That's why i'm so curious!

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  • 10 years ago
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    I use them all the time. They just don't give a really dark dark. Ebony and 6b are good for that. That's probably why your teacher didn't really mention them. I use hb2 for preliminary sketching and outlines cause it's easy to erase.

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    To be honest, not much of a gift since I've gotten plenty of these for just hanging out one evening. Unless this is a finished work,showing some real time put into it, it's about like getting dinner made for you.

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    I'm sure it's fine to use it.

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