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Are my eyes green, blue, aqua, or hazel?

Theyre an interesting combo of the first three, people often say they are hazel, but I dont think so, hazel has brown in it, my eyes have no brown, its all yellow and greens and blues.

My question is, if you saw my eyes, what ONE color would you say they are? The color they are the most of.

thank you!!!


Jon Black: Then why did you take the time to come to the beauty category, read it, click on it, and answer it? Dumb ***.

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    fist off they are gorgous! but id say more green then blue and more blue than hazel. you are very lucky to have such pretty eyes!

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    It's definitely hazel. The yellow-ish color in the center is what sometimes looks brown on people with hazel eyes or we think it's brown but it's actually yellow. Either way, your eyes are hazel.

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    Green! I have green eyes too, I absolutely love green eyes. And your eyes are STUNNING, if you want to make your eye color pop for eyeshadow try......different browns, especially chocolate tones. Browns and dark greens with copper or gold highlights are also a great choice,apricots and taupes are good choices for highlighters.Dark purples, plums and metallics work too. Coppers and golds will make a really glamorous evening look for makeup tips for green eyes. I personally really like the way deep purples look with dark green eyes.

    First up, blues. Any color of blue doesn't do green eyes justice. I would recommend avoiding light blues, dark blues and even some colors (purples or pinks) with blue undertones.

    Eyeshadow colors to avoid are.....pinks are also a hard color to judge. Some can look really, really good and others can look really, really bad.Silvers are not a good choice either. Leave them for the blue eyes.

    For eyeliner colors unless you really like black eyeliner, it's usually a color to avoid. Try steely grays or chocolate browns. Use gold or white to open up the eye if your eyes are small.

    A good rule of thumb when choosing a color for makeup tips for green eyes is to focus on warm colors and avoid cool colors.Like I said, there are exceptions to every rule, but this should provide a nearly fail-safe method for choosing eyeshadow colors to bring out the beauty of your green eyes.

    How you apply your eyeshadow depends how many colors you're wearing and what the occasion is.

    For basic every day wear, here's what you do.

    1. Apply a highlighter like crystalline to the entire eye from the bottom of the crease to the eyebrow.

    2. Use a taupe or apricot next and apply it to the whole eyelid and blend it just above the crease with the crystalline.

    3. Then use your third color (chocolate brown, dark green, copper, etc.) and apply it one of two ways:

    a. Apply it from the middle of your eyelid from the eyelash to just above the crease. Blend it well. You can even blend it under the lower lashes for a more dramatic look.

    b. Apply it from the inner corner of your eyelid and sweep it out to the outer corner of your eye. It will get thicker the further out you go. Blend well.

    4. Apply eyeliner and mascara as you normally would.

    And there you go! Great makeup tips for green eyes.

    Good luck :)

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    Green. Love its almond shape, Beautiful eyes!!!

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    my eyes are like that and they r hazel

    thats lucky you can wear any makeup color!

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    They appear to be mostly green, to my eyes.

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