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What causes earthquakes?

I was just wondering..and how come my home country (Cuba) has never been through one?


Scratch that last sentence..there's been a ton..they just don't cause a lot of damage thats why I didn't hear about it

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    what causes earthquakes is the shifting of the tectonic plates. There are many tectonic plates in the world.

    Fun Fact: There are hundreds of Earthquakes in one day! You just cant feel them! for example most of the earthquakes were .3 or .1 or some extrimely llow numbers that humans cant feel, thats is why you dont hear it on the news. Google daily earthquake tracker.

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    Okay so earthquakes occur along (or on) fault lines. Scientists say some of the deep ones don’t i.e. 600km however I believe these also occur on fault lines that are called “blind fault lines” (this basically means it’s a fault line the scientists haven’t found or don’t know about yet or don’t have the equipment to find yet. The ch-ch quake was on one of these blind fault lines. Scientist’s don’t seem to be able to track the fault lines which are underwater as yet either from what I've read. This means it’s hard to tell what movement if any are happening on the underwater fault lines unless something major like the Japan shake happens. This seems to be when subs etc. are sent to look at the area and find/measure movement of the tectonic plates.

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    They are caused by the movement of tectonic plates under the earths surface

    earthquakes happen on or near fault lines where these plates are and so you may be a bit further away or not on one at all and so don't feel it :)

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    The plates in the Earth are shifting and that causes earthquakes.

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    They are caused by movement along faults. Magma upwelling. Glacial withdrawing. Deep well water withdrawal or injection. Etc

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