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What If Any Benefits For Military Spouse?


A family circumstance got me to wondering about this.If a Marine in the Military is killed overseas while fighting,what if any cash,extended insurance etc benefits does the non military spouse receive?

Is time served in the military change the benefit coverage? Thanks so much.

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    The surviving spouse gets the Serviceman's Group Life Insurance payout (currently $400K, I believe), a death gratuity (another $100K on my last tour) and any pay in arrears. Time served has nothing to do with the amount of the benefit.

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    The above post is correct. However, they just ran a news special about how crappy the payout is on the SGLI. First off they don't even pay out the $400K, they put it in an annuity and pay out xx per month. Then, Congress didn't have the money to pay out all of what is owed. So they passed a law that said that if the surviving spouse didn't remarry before they turned 52 or 59, the lost the rest of what ever money was left. YEAH, you have to remarry in order to get the rest of the SGLI. Congress made that law because they knew it effected about 5,000 people and they knew that it would save them a bunch of money. Pretty crappy.

    Anyway it was on the news about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was a horrid deal.

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    they replaced the regulations on us with the recent bill. before, for the better half to get the flow, the soldier had to have it in his re-enlistment settlement. With the recent bill; they have not released the small print yet with regard to the kinfolk flow. they are nevertheless engaged on it. they're going to launch the small print quickly.

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