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Akward situation kinda...?

So the other day me and my friend were watching this film at her house. We were the only ones there. Throughout the film I kept complaining, I thought it sucked. She, however, loved it and kept defending it. Eventually she got tired of my negative comments that she threw a pillow at me. Then I threw my pencilcase at her. So this smallish fight started, but it wasn't a 'mean' fight, we were actually laughing.

Kay, so one thing led to another and at the end we sorta kissed??? I DONT KNOW WHY??! There was this awkward silence and we looked at each other and then we kissed??? But shes a girl and im a girl and were not gay?! It got really embarrassing and awkward and I just got my stuff and left. The next day at school we didnt talk and she kinda avoided me. But I hate it, because shes such a good friend, I dont wanna lose her? What do I do? Its been a week now? Still kinda awkward between us. Please, dont judge; I dont know why we kissed, alright? And yeah I know it was a really dumb thing to do. So again for my q; How do I talk to her again?

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    Don't worry - this happens between girls more often than you know. It is natural to explore sexuality. Just start chatting to her - she is probably also a bit embarrassed and just wants things to go back to normal.

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    I examine some thing like this in Cosmo as quickly as. comparable ingredient befell to a lady in front of a guy. the guy loved her. He pronounced it kinda killed the buzz, secret, anticipation of seeing her products as quickly as they have been given mutually as a pair. If he likes you, he probable feels the comparable. If he does not have thoughts for you, then he purely enjoyed the prepare.

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  • 9 years ago

    call her! just talk to her about it - communication is key!

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