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I need help for a good story line(medical)?

In a story I'm currently writing for my coursework, I need to write a story involving someone getting ill with a possibly life-threatening illness.

I've chosen to work with a young, girl of 15 months old. The only problem is I'm having trouble on choosing an illness that fits into the age group and symptoms.

The symptoms include a high fever, a bad headache/ear-ache and nausea.

If anyone knows any illness that could fit into those categories, help would be appreciated.

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    Leukemia will work. Those things won't be direct symptoms of it, but leukemia suppresses the immune system, so these things would be the result of other viruses that her body cannot fight off without help. Just for the heck of it, you should probably see if you can ask this question on the health forum. I only know this stuff because I wrote a story about a guy who had leukemia...and it started with flu-like symptoms, just like yours.

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