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Question regarding hydrogen bonding?

Which of the following substances can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules? How do you know this?

a. CH4

b. CH3OH

c. CH3CH2NH2

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    Hydrogen bonding requires a compound with an atom of either O, N, or F which itself is directly bonded to a hydrogen atom. The compound must also have a pair of nonbonding electrons which will associated with a bonded hydrogen atom on the water molecule.

    Of your choices, hydrogen bonds can be formed with both b. and c.

    The links below will help explain the hydrogen bonding that occurs between the O-H on water and either the :N on ethylamine or the :O on the methyl alcohol molecules. The links have pictures which will help.

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    Hydrogen bonding isn't constrained to bonding between adjoining water molecules. as an occasion, hydrogen bonds can form between hydrogen in water and nitrogen in ammonia, or between the two strands of a DNA molecule. Hydrogen bonds are significant in figuring out the form of extensive, complicated molecules which incorporate proteins. on the different hand, hydrogen bonds are particularly susceptible while in comparison with ionic or covalent bonds, and are actual broken.

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    the electron level is full by having 8 electrons for H2O. the answer should contain the amount of electrons needed to fill the next electron level. i don't remember the ammount of electrons required to fill the next electron level though

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