In German, what is the difference between "nutzen" and "benutzen"?

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1. In German, what is the difference between "nutzen" and "benutzen"?

2. Are "nutzen" and "benutzen" interchangeable? Are they synonyms?

Write me German sentences as examples with the English translation, please.

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    nutzen > benutzen have the same meaning but "benutzen" needs an object. So, if you don't have an object (a thing) they are not interchangeable. (The same as "enden > beenden"!)

    Ich (be)nutze das Buch. = I use the book.

    Ich nutze die Zeit. = I let no grass grow under my feet.

    Ich nutze die Gelegenheit. = I use the chance.

    Ich nutze das gute Wetter. = I make use of the fine weather.

    Ich benutze den Tennischläger. = I use the tennis racket.

    Ich benutze den Regenschirm. = I use the umbrella.

    Ich benutze das Auto. = I use the car.

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    I think the rule is as follows:

    nutzen: is used when you take use of abstract things, like Begabung, Gelegenheit, Wissen (knowlege), ...

    benutzen: is used when you want to express that you use an object/concrete thing, like Füller (pen), Computer, Buch, ...

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    Nutzen verb is to profit , to gain , to benefit.

    Benutzen or benützen is to use sth or sb , to take ex: to use the car .to take the stairs. Benutzer ,in =the user

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