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Pakistan economic dependency help?

i know that Pakistan is suffering from economic dependency. i want to know from what countries they borrowed money from, i don't want a whole list, maybe like 4 or 5?

anything is alrite though

-thanx in advance :)

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    Pakistan currently borrows or loans much of it's money from China and the US. Also it borrow a lot of money from the world bank and the IMF as it has done so in the previous 3 years, of course this money comes with terms and conditions which unfortunately Pakistan can't meet. Chine I think will over take US in aid or giving money to pakistan as economic aid.

    Other countries.

    Saudi Arabia: Huge financial assistance

    Japan: Help in the textile industry once a huge part of Pakistan-Japan trade.

    Chine: Economic devolpment projects and money

    UK: Infrastrcture devolpment

    A lot of money that Pakistan brrows from is the IMF and World Bank.

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