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discuss any four factors that are responsible for the falling standard of education in Nigeria?

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  • dizwar
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    1) military interference

    2) inadequate funding

    3) low morale

    4) unemployment, especially among school graduates

    5) teachers who are over-worked and under-paid

    6) general unfair treatment regarding pensions and salaries

    7) undeserved condemnation from the rest of the world

    8) poor structural condition of the schools

    9) lack of libraries, books, computers and other equipment needed by schools

    10) outdated school supplies

    11) impassable roadways leading to the schools

    12) insufficient electricity, water, and similar resources

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    a million. the USA sponsored dictatorship. 2. The oil agencies sucking up the peoples oil. 3. The oil organization sponsored militias commiting genocide on behalf of what we put in our tanks. 4. Oil polluting the delta and killing the food furnish.

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