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Why do people throw out "the racist" card so much?

I was recalling the time in high school, I was in history & we were studying about slavery. There was a lot of tension. Lots of black people saying how white people made everyone suffer & it's their fault for every violent thing. Yes, what those white people did was very, VERY wrong. But I am not just white, no, I have native american blood in me. Yeah, native Americans weren't treated well at all either. They're homes were taken from them & they were brutally murdered. I stated this in history & you could just feel the tension. Then a girl said, "I don't think that amounts to what we went through. You just being racist." WHY??? I was just making the point that every race has suffered somehow & it no suffering is greater than another. Everyone has had pain, we shouldn't focus on who has had more, but how to stop it.


I'm sorry if I offended anyone by stating my blood line. No, I am not full Native American & I wasn't raised their way of life. I wish I was, cause the "little" blood is still there. I wish I knew what other blood I had in me as well, since my dad is adopted, I have no idea. I'm sure that connecting with my ancestors roots would help me understand what they really went through. But my point still stands that everyone has felt pain & we should find ways to help stop it.

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    Your DNA doesn't shape your mentality. I am Native american, not just because my DNA says so but because i was raised in the tribal culture. I can tell by your answer you were not, and it is VERY likely that your "some indian blood" comes from a supposed Cherokee Grandma that was a princess (sorry to burst that bubble, every white person has that story and thinks they are so original when they repeat it. I can guarantee you are NOT native). Anyways, had you come from an oppressed people, and thus be an oppressed person, you would be able to identify and understand the plight of the african american. Sure, Slavery was abolished a little over a hundred years ago. However, the effects of treating a people like cattle, dehumanizing and brainwashing them from the time they are infants and subjecting them to atrocious abuse doesn't disappear the moment their shackles have been removed from their feet. The effects of Chronic Psycho trauma cycle through each generation, and don't disappear until some very intensive therapy has been undergone and life skills/healthy parenting practices taught to the children of mentally withdrawn and abused people. It has been proven, my tribe is currently undergoing a test study of our people, we have implemented the things I have just mentioned and in just two years, I can see some great change. It will take something like this to help African Americans emotionally heal from the Slave era. you also forget that it was in our Parents' generation that black people weren't able to drink from the same water fountain as others. This is recent history, not past. And yes, it seems that white people are the ONLY race to have ever convinced themselves that they are superior to ALL other human beings based on their APPEARANCE. Look at the Nazis, Taliban and KuKluxKlan. All of these terrorist groups are of the Arian race. No other group of people has done worse things to THE ENTIRE WORLD. Does this mean EVERY white person is evil? NO. Not at all. Does this mean that Aryian people have a LONG history of terror, genocide, and every other form of ethnocentric evil? Yes. Mostly because the averaage Jo, like you, doesnt think they are doing anything wrong by allowing others in their ethnic group to wrech havoc.

    EDIT: What really annoys me about your answer is that you suggest that the possibility of having native american ancestry somehow gives you the authority to have an opinion on how african americans should feel. YOU are NOT native. DNA doesnt make you one of us, anymore than my german ancestry makes me German. I don't even claim it because I cant speak German, I know jack about their history, I know absolutely jack about the ancestor that contributes this to my family tree and I couldnt for the life of me even tell you their first name without looking at the tree again. I am 100% POSITIVE that you cant even PROVE you have a native ancestor. Anyways, my point is that you CAN NOT identify with us because you werent raised with us, you have NEVER first hand experienced racism and discrimination because of your ethnicity. If you had, you wouldnt be asking your question. It isn't Black people that have the problem in this country, if they were'nt being treated like **** they wouldnt complain about it. You should direct your annoyance at the racist pricks who put them through all this cra. I suggest you read the book "Black Like me" . Its about a white guy who thought the way you do, then to prove a point took melanin pills to turn his skin black. He couldnt last a MONTH. Its a true story, he was on Oprah.

    Source(s): Native Americans and Africa americans are STILL subject to institutional racism/genocide. It isn't as obvious anymore because our oppressors have become sneakier about going about it, because most people don't want us to be treated like this. Racist, evil people with the intent to do away with us are still out there and at large. They are protected by others like them with more political power and financial security. To this day, native americans are subject to dehumanization, deliberate genocide and several other types of oppression. I am not exaggerating. Look up Test Bombings on Navajo reservation. Marches Pount. Toxic waste dumped on native american reservations. Unconscented removal of native american and african american women' uterouses. Medical Experimentation done on Native American children. This is all in this era, and only the tip of the iceberg.
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    I don't think she realized how the natives were murdered as a hunting sport about 200/300 years ago.

    Then also she might have felt that you are taking the focus away from the black people and was scared that it may weaken her excuse to play the race card.

    From my point of view these things should not be taught in school because it only lays the foundation for racism from all involved parties. We have the same situation here in South Africa where the history of Apartheid causes tension in mixed schools. You stated here that you could feel the tension...see what I mean?

    @ Clinton...well said!!!

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    I feel using the race card shows their anger toward tje wrong people. I was raised by a racist father...and growing up I hated it. But...what if we started a "all-white college"? It would be shut down immediately. Why can't we celebrate our white heritage and be proud?? Because we are then called racist's. Why?

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    This is so sad that they do this, there is no excuse for the lack of professional thinking that they have done. And I aggree with you, focus more on how to stop it, and that is teach all races have suffered.

    Here is another person who threw his racist card,

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    They have no argument is why. They have been taught to hate and they do without knowing why, so they have to use race. Its very sad, but true.

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    It means they don't have to think too hard. So much easier for the less intelligent if they can just generalise

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    Some ppl dont have anything better to do, or like messing wit other races because its funny or they are just ignorant. Or they simply want to.

    Thanks jc

    Source(s): Im black
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    Was your great great grandma a Cherokee princess?

    Source(s): Calif NDN
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