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What Criminal Minds Episodes that are more focused on JJ?

Can someone give me a list (not of all episodes) just of the ones that JJ plays a big part or that her personal relationship is more involved?

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    I haven't seen seasons 1 or 2, so I can't tell you any from there, but from 3 on:

    3x17 "In Heat" - Find out about her relationship with Will.

    3x18 "The Crossing" - JJ finds out she is pregnant.

    3x20 "Lo-Fi" - Reveals she is pregnant.

    4x7 "Memoriam Part 2" - JJ's baby is born.

    6x01 - She's got an amazing scene!

    6x02 - Final episode.

    Keep in mind she's in every episode until her departure, so you'll always find a good JJ moment!

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    Criminal Minds Jj Episode

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    Yes, but I like Criminal Minds better

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