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Anonymous asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

why is assited suicide important?

i am writing a paper on assisted suicide and i need a idea of why its important

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    It is not assisted suicide that is important . Rather it is the right of the assistant to aid an assisted suicide and not be brought before a court of law afterwards.

    It is quite rightly a very emotive issue. While I would defend the right in every way possible I doubt I could aid anyone.

    There are certain diseases, Lou Gehrig's Syndrome being one of them, which remove any quality of life and lead to a prolonged and painful; death in many instances.

    People need to know that while their life is worth living it will be protected.However once the suffering becomes unbearable ( usually at a point where nothing can be done to alleviate it and the sufferer is incapable of terminating their own life) that there is an option of whomsoever they turn to for help not being prosecuted afterwards.

    It is a terrible decision to have to make and one that normally people do not tell anyone about prior to the act. However, when one is paralysed or simply too frail to engage on suicide then help has to be looked for and an agreement made.

    I am sure you can figure out the safeguards that need to be put into place in order to ensure that there is no monetary gain or coercion involved.

    Good luck with your paper!

  • 1 decade ago

    the main issue is one of quality of life. There comes a point in many terminal diseases where a person's life is literally nothing but suffering. The conflict is one of whether or not a person has the right to choose to stop living rather than live a life little better than torture. For the most part it is a foolish argument since for some reason suicide is illegal (I've always felt attempted suicide should be illegal so as to punish those who are doing so only for attention but that a person who truly does not want to live shouldn't be demonized for it). Since suicide is already illegal why does it matter what the motivation for it is? If allowed, why legalize assisted suicide and not all forms of suicide? while the state obviously has the right to restrict certain behaviors in its citizens (lets face it, murder theft and rape are all bad things) just how far does that particular hand of the law go? It wanders into the question of whether the state exists to serve the needs of the citizens or the citizens exist to serve the needs of the state. While the answer to that question seems obvious many policy decisions seem contrary to that.

  • 1 decade ago

    It reflects not only quality of life (that's more euthanasia), but it is about CHOICE, your right to die. Advance directives, the ethical debate on "Playing God" and keeping people alive with science. It's about honoring one's wishes in life as well as in terminal illness. And there is the intertwined focal point of abusing the trust of a patient, negating Hippocratic oath, and manipulating someone in an unstable frame of mind. Your health, rights and human ethic, what else is important in YOUR life?

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    You move hit the nail at the head. What is not regulated this present day? Yes sure sure however by means of darn name it what it's & do not feel embarrassment about your determination !! Quality of existence is predominant despite the fact that you're terminal.

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