What's the best size HPA Tank? (Paintball)?

Ok, I'm looking into getting an HPA Tank mainly because I've heard its a lot better then CO2 so I was wondering what's the best size for one?

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is no true 'best size". Its all preference. What you need to ask yourself is where will you play most often and does that location offer unlimited refills. If the answer is YES and the field has a readily accessible refill station then the next question to ask yourself is what most comfortable to you and how much do you shoot per game. You get approximately 10 shots per cubic inch (ci) on a 3000psi tank and 15 per ci on a 4500. So that equates to about 1020 shots on a 68ci/4500psi tank (68x15), 675 on a 45ci/4500psi (45x15)....you should get the point. However each marker will have different efficiency levels so those numbers can increase or decrease

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    Paintball Tank Sizes

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    There is no 4000 psi. It's 3000 or 4500... or the rare 5000. You'll only find 3000 in steel or aluminum hpa tanks. The Ninja tank Dude mentioned is a good one. On ActionVillage, their own tanks (AVI is their brand) are ok. They come in 45 or 48ci typically.

  • 10 years ago

    Best Size will be 68/4500. It gives you a decent amount of shots. The tank is not too small or too big.

    If you want a smaller tank the 50/4500 will also do good.

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  • 10 years ago

    HPA is usually cheaper to fill, but some places only fill to 3000 PSI, also the 4500 PSI tanks are extremely expensive, I have a 62/3000 and I get enough shots out of that to last me long enough.

    Also HPA and CO2 are often compared but HPA is merely more consistent and easier on the internals of your marker, leading to less maintenance and breakage (particularly e-markers).

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